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How to choose sports bra?

by:Newsoon     2021-01-21

the first step: according to the strength of the movement to choose

we can put the underwear into including three kinds of support types, corresponding to three different intensity of exercise, they determine the size of the breast is shaking:

low intensity, such as yoga, walking, dancing for iron,

in intensity, such as the jump hold, HIIT, riding a bicycle, fitness

high strength, such as running, basketball, tennis,

we can choose different support type of underwear. ( Some underwear label mark directly applicable movement, also can refer to the direct buy. It can also guide you to size according to the chest in underwear. If your bra cup is bigger, need regular lingerie, with a better advice to the high intensity of underwear to choose; If the cup is small, can choose strength relatively low underwear.

the second step: according to the appearance of underwear choose

determine after good probably need what strength of underwear, you can come take a closer look at, on the market all kinds of sports underwear design, what's the difference.

cup is divided into three kinds:

cup into the compression type, cup type, and their fit - — Compression cup one-piece.

what's the difference?

at the beginning of dynamic graph, you may find that the movement direction of the small animals is in all directions, not just do up and down, the breast is the same.

if it is a little light exercise, may be tightly pressed it, this is the compression type underwear, in general, chest compression type is suitable for small girls.

and cup type of underwear, apart from left to right, to limit the breast to shake out in all directions, so it can provide better support, is more suitable for strength slightly higher.

compression cup final one-piece, not only you but also limit your shaking down which is suitable for high intensity exercise, or a big sister.

straps roughly into three kinds:

straps can be divided into vertical/vest straps, cross straps and sun back straps.

in general, the benefits of cross straps are, relative to the vertical shoulder straps, it is less likely to fall. And because cross straps are more beautiful, many businesses are now tend to back design.

vertical shoulder straps, namely two shoulder belt parallel, belong to the conventional model, supporting medium, and most of the straps can be adjusted, is a safe choice.

another vest type, this kind of package, suitable for high intensity exercise, but the beautiful degree is not so high.

and people would care to strap thickness. In general, a bit rough, of course, will be a little bit more comfortable, because of the wide, the pressure is small. But the smaller and more easy to hide, more beautiful.

back are buckles underwear to try the string

sports bra can be divided into sets of head wear and back has two buckles ( There is also a set of head and to clasp) 。

try, if it is a toggle hook, suggest to buy the a button just the right underwear outside.

because sports bra slowly using elastic become low, this time can be controlled by adjusting fastener to ensure compatibility.

the third step: try try try!

everybody's chest, a different brand of design also is different, both offline and online purchase, are suggested to try on a lot.

try, we can in a small way to assess whether it is appropriate - — Put a finger into the three places, feel the space is how.

but because sports bra elastic method just reference, not mandatory standard. Brief introduction)

in general, the elastic part is a little bit, as long as it doesn't affect the movement, or normal, but if the breath, have bit of abnormal.

try it on, try it and see if elastic part almost can plug into a finger, but no more easier.

the cups

after wear underwear, remember to breast to middle unable, guarantee it in the right place.

this time, we can go to look at the breast relationship with sports bra, if underwear is empty, there is a clear fold; Overflow or breast cup outside, prove this sports bra may not be suitable for you.

really suitable sports bra, the cups should be completely covering the breasts, and 1 finger in, feel the space, see if there are any is very loose, general surplus space should be less than one finger. Straps

the last is the straps! If the naked eye has seen shoulder straps were into the meat is very deep, don't even think about that don't fit! If can't judge, you can raise your finger again, and see if I can put it in. But now also have adjustable straps, HMMM, that's when this part didn't!

in addition, also suggest you try it on time, jump jump or run a run, if breast or up and down or so around, suggested in a ~
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