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How to deal with 'second-hand' baby clothes?

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
'The new eldest, the old eldest, sew up the eldest.' Today, young parents born in the 1980s pay much attention to dressing their babies. The clothes they buy are generally not big or small, and they soon become too young. It is not dirty or bad, and there are styles and styles. How do mothers deal with such clothes? Can relatives and friends’ babies “second-hand clothes” wear new baby clothes for their little ones in one season and become “second-hand clothes”   ” now. The clothes are all made in style and style. Older children don’t look good and can only buy the right ones, but they usually wear one season, and they won’t be able to wear them next year.” Helped 4-year-old son Hanhan in the Jinghua City Golden Eagle Children’s District Liu Feng of the clothes said, “Post-80s are very particular about wearing clothes. When we buy clothes for our children, we always choose brands and textures, which cost hundreds of dollars. It is a pity to throw them away. They don’t leave them at home and take up space. '  ' Even if it’s not the clothes of the brand store, but the pure cotton ones bought online, if the child is too young to wear it, I don’t know what to do.' Xiao Zhang, a salesperson at another counter of Golden Eagle, said, 'The kids around me either It’s much bigger than my home, or it’s much smaller, and no one wants to give it away.” How to properly dispose of used clothes for “second-hand clothes” I am embarrassed to give it away. Now the clothes are all bought.' Xian Xian is more than 2 years old this year, Xian Xian’s mother introduced, 'It’s not that Xian Xian is not forbidden to wear old clothes. Old clothes are more environmentally friendly, healthy and safe. But his brother and sister are seven or eight years old. The old clothes can’t be left now, and the younger brothers and sisters are not much younger.”   Happy birthday mother said, “If there are friends who want to give birthday clothes, I’d love to give them. But it’s not embarrassing to go to see a friend’s child. I take old clothes and usually buy new ones.”    I want old clothes and no one will give potatoes for 26 months. When I go out, I am a young lady. Because my mother is good at dressing up, there are a lot of new clothes. 'Tudou only wore the old clothes that were close to the body six months ago, and then they didn't wear it.' Ms. Yao, Tudou Ma said. 'Currently, parents buy clothes of good quality and brands for their children. It is actually very good if they can communicate with each other and wear them.' Ms. Yao said, 'However, generally, giving old clothes is a matter of acquaintances. If you are not familiar with each other, you usually don’t just talk about dressing your children’s old clothes.” For this, Ms. Yao felt it was a pity, “Because there is no brother who is one or two or two or three years older in the circle, I want to wear old clothes. No one sent the clothes either.'
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