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How to express the anger of parents to their children

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
On the road of parenting, many parents may feel angry with their children. When you feel angry, it does nothing to solve the problem. So should we just vent our anger to our children? Children will take their parents as role models. So parents should not attribute their anger to their children.   Parents are angry with their children, but do not show it. Does this mean that the parents are dishonest? Actually, this is incorrect.  People think that being sincere is about telling children how angry they are.  In fact, our inner feelings are an emergency situation. If we confide our anger to another person, this will only increase our inner anger. If we show our anger in front of our children, it seems that our children are our enemies, and at the same time, our children will also regard our behavior as an adult's unreasonable harassment. So as a parent of a child, *** don't easily show your anger in front of the child.  We need to understand who caused our anger.  When children see us getting angry, they may think we are crazy. In fact, our anger is just our own feelings. Our anger is not due to children, but due to our own reasons. We express our anger instead of admitting our sadness, fear, sadness and powerlessness.  In the face of our feelings, what would happen if we were completely honest.  We should make ourselves aware of our frustration, our own fear, instead of expressing our anger in front of our children. When we release our vague emotions in our own way, anger will disappear on its own at this time, so we no longer need to express our feelings with anger.  Will we let the children go away because of our own reasons    Actually, we are sad and unhappy is our own reason. Our unhappiness is not the child's responsibility. So don't tell your child to get out of the way when you are angry.  Wait until our anger disappears before telling the child, does it mean that we are dishonest  This is not correct, because anger itself is a real emotion. Anger means that we may be depressed, scared or sad. And we don’t tell our children because we don’t want our children to bear our unhappiness, because our unhappiness is not the child’s fault.  In order to show your true emotions, do you want to tell your children how unhappy their behavior makes you feel.  In fact, our true feelings are our most vulnerable fears and fears. In fact, after the child lied to you, you should not yell to the child: 'You lied to me makes me feel very angryNS'.   Is it useful to share your true feelings with your children?    In fact, children don’t want to hurt us, so we shouldn’t expose our anger to the children easily. Even if we want to tell the child, we have to tell the child after we calm down.
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