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How to judge the quality of swimsuits?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-29

First of all, swimsuit manufacturers will tell you about the fabric. The fabric is the key to the quality of a swimsuit. When choosing a swimsuit, it mainly depends on the content of spandex in the fabric. The international standard is 18%. The advantages of spandex swimsuits are bright colors, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, easy to dry, and low resistance, which can speed up the swimmer's forward speed in the water.

The composition of good swimsuit fabrics is generally 80% nylon and 20% spandex, and the elasticity must reach 100% of the stretching force. Good swimsuits usually have low water absorption and are generally able to dry after about 10 minutes of water. If it does not dry, the fabric is not very good. When shopping for swimwear, you must consider factors such as your figure and skin tone.

1. Those with large breasts are suitable for swimwear with a wide shoulder strap and V-neck; those with too small breasts should avoid strapless swimsuits; those with flat breasts are suitable for swimwear with decorations on the chest;

2. Those with large hips can choose ultra-short swimsuits; those with thick waists can choose spliced u200bu200bswimwear instead of split swimwear;

3. Those with thicker legs are not suitable for flat-angle styles.

Even if your skin is not fair enough, you can boldly try bright colors and swimsuits at wholesale prices. The swimsuits are designed with detachable chest pads, and the coaster inserts are more intimate and fit, highlighting the beauty of women's curves. At the same time, the lining is added to the chest of the swimsuit and the bottom of the underwear to make swimming more comfortable and healthy.

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