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How to 'make up' for children in early winter

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
Experts say that, in fact, the most common foods in life, such as: red dates, longans and walnuts are all natural foods for children to nourish. Pediatric experts of Chinese medicine pointed out to parents that children’s winter tonic needs to follow three principles-“no need to take medicine if there is no disease, no medication if there is disorder, and no supplement if there is no disorder”.   A reasonable collocation of nutrition for three meals a day   A scientific and reasonable collocation of nutrition for three meals a day is the most important thing. As the saying goes: 'Medicinal tonic is not as good as food tonic.' Therefore, you can eat more red dates, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, yam, longan meat and lotus root in winter; chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs and milk are all high-protein and high-fat foods. Appropriate consumption can increase calories; and Shiitake mushrooms, fungus (black and white), pigeon, rice field eel, soybean and chestnut, etc. At the same time, to match meat and vegetables, don't forget to eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as foods such as vitamins, cellulose, grains, and starches. Red dates, ginseng and longan soup are the most suitable for children.  Experts remind that children should be tonic properly and consult a doctor at most. If the method and dosage are not appropriate, it will cause adverse reactions such as chest tightness and precocious puberty. Tonic for children and parturients can’t come blindly. Some parents love to eat too much high-protein foods for their children. They don’t know that because the children’s digestive system is in the immature stage, too much nutrition can easily cause indigestion and absorption and cause certain diseases; on the other hand, Some children have allergic reactions to fish, shrimp, crabs, etc., which can cause such allergic diseases to be difficult to heal repeatedly; children with weakened body immunity, weak physique, and recurring symptoms should be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor. Only by applying medicine to the disease can achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. Don’t do your own way and choose supplements of your own. Otherwise, it will be prone to tonic deviation, but it will be counterproductive. For children in the growth and development period, if they blindly supplement and supplement, it is easy to cause irritability, constipation, and resistance Symptoms such as decline.  Experts also reminded that from the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women should not abuse supplements and health products, otherwise they may harm the fetus, and even lead to miscarriage and premature delivery. The abuse of certain tonics in children can cause precocious puberty.  Congenital deficiencies can be properly supplemented.  There are three types of children who really need to consider proper supplementation in winter. The first category is children with congenital deficiencies and slow physical development; the second category is children who are usually weak and sick, and are prone to colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia. Tonic for these two types of children can not only prevent the onset of diseases, but also increase resistance. But before tonic, you must take the 'road-opening medicine' and cure the disease. Nourishment can be made only when there is no disease and a normal diet. The third category is children with weak spleen and stomach, poor digestive tract function, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. These children should ask the doctor to understand the child's physique before starting tonic.   In addition, frail young children should use clear ointment tonic. Tonics should not be too nutritious, otherwise it will be difficult to digest and absorb; if you use heavy medicines to nourish, it will also affect the internal organs of the child. Children who are well-developed and disease-free do not need to be supplemented with drugs.   Generally speaking, in autumn and winter, parents only need to pay attention to the warmth of their children and add clothing and quilts in time. The clothes should also be appropriate. Clothes that are too thick or too warm are prone to sweat and pore expansion. In addition, the outside climate is hot and cold, and it is more likely to catch cold when undressing after sweating, causing respiratory diseases.
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