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How to prevent children's strabismus

by:Newsoon     2021-08-02
According to statistics, children with strabismus account for more than 1% of the group. There is currently no way to prevent congenital strabismus, but acquired strabismus is mostly caused by improper parenting methods. Therefore, actively taking preventive measures can prevent children from having strabismus. So, how can we prevent the baby from strabismus    increase the frequency of the baby’s eyeball rotation   Parents should pick up the child from time to time to let him look at the surrounding things, thereby increasing the eyeball rotation, enhancing the coordination of the eye muscles and nerves, and avoiding strabismus.   often change the sleeping position of the baby.    often change the sleeping position of the baby, sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, so that the direction of the light projection can be changed frequently, so that the baby's eyeballs are no longer often turned to one side, thereby avoiding strabismus.   Toys multi-angle suspension   The colorful toys hanging on the baby’s crib should not be hung too close, should be above 40 cm, and should be hung in multiple directions to prevent children from squinting when only paying attention to one point for a long time.  Pay attention to the position of the child watching TV  When the child is watching TV, in addition to keeping a certain distance, the child should not sit in the same position every time, especially the position diagonally opposite the TV. Over time, it will cause strabismus. The left, middle, and right seats should be switched from time to time. Otherwise, in order to watch TV, the child will always look in one direction and his head will habitually tilt to one side.
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