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How to take care of your swimsuit?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-10

In the summer, the young lady who likes to swim always complains that the foreign trade swimsuits that were bought at a high price last year can no longer be worn, or they are uncomfortable to wear, or the swimsuits look outdated, and they don’t look like they are just wearing them. One or two clothes. In fact, the problem lies in the maintenance of swimsuits. Unlike other clothing, swimsuits are also in need of maintenance. Let's talk about the ways to maintain a swimsuit or bikini with sports.

1. Wet the swimsuit with clean water before going to the swimming pool. This is not only for hygiene because wetting the swimsuit with clean water can make the swimsuit have a wet transition period before entering the water, which can effectively guarantee foreign trade swimsuits or bikinis. Usage time

2, when dressing, prevent it from colliding with rough rocks or in the air and sliding on the swimming pool slide. This approach can easily damage the fibers of the swimsuit or bikini;

3. Be careful when using sunscreen cosmetics and do not apply cosmetics to swimsuits to prevent damage to swimsuits or bikini fabrics or discoloration or fading;

4. Remember to wash your swimsuit after swimming. It needs to be washed with water below 30 degrees Celsius. It must be gently rubbed by hand. Dry cleaning or machine washing is not allowed, let alone a tumble dryer or iron;

5. After swimming, be sure to dry the swimsuit as soon as possible, and prevent the wet swimsuit or bikini from being placed in a plastic bag for a long time. Not to be mixed with other clothes;

6. Do not use detergents such as washing powder, bleach or hair dye when cleaning;

7. After washing, dry the swimsuit or bikini in a cool and ventilated place. It is more appropriate to dry it in a vent. Do not expose it to direct sunlight to prevent damage to the swimsuit or bikini;

8. It is also exquisite to keep swimsuits or bikinis for a long time after summer. Assuming that foreign trade swimsuits or bikinis are not available, please do not put them in the cabinet with the strong moth-proof smell.

If you do the above eight points, your swimsuit or bikini will look the same as the new one even if you reuse it every other year.

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