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Huan Enbao: Advocate that the baby's first milk is breast milk

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
Recently, CCTV exposed the news that milk powder manufacturers snatched the baby's 'first bite of milk' through medical channels. In order to sell milk powder, these milk powder manufacturers will not hesitate to bribe medical staff to feed their own brand of milk powder to newborns, so that babies can become dependent, so as to achieve the purpose of allowing babies to consume their own brand of milk powder for a long time.   As soon as the news came out, many mothers suddenly realized that, but at this time the baby has already developed the habit of drinking milk powder, and it is difficult to feed breast milk.   In ordinary families, mothers and fathers bear the burden of the family, especially after having a baby, family consumption continues to increase, and many working mothers have to give up breastfeeding for work. So, what is the difference between milk powder feeding and breastfeeding? What are the benefits of breastfeeding? Huanenbao parenting experts gave their own views.   Breast milk is the first ration for newborns. Especially breast milk within 7 days after pregnancy is called 'colostrumNot only that, there are a lot of immunoglobulins in colostrum, especially IgA, which is *** in the first day after delivery. It can protect the delicate mucous membranes of the digestive tract and respiratory tract of newborns from the invasion of microorganisms. The content of these immunoglobulins in newborns is extremely low. If fed with breast milk, the newborn can be protected from infection for a period of time after birth.   Breast milk can help newborns with immunity that ordinary milk powder does not have. Abandoning breastfeeding is a loss to the health of the baby. For this reason, Huanenbao advocates breastfeeding for babies aged 0-6 months. Milk powder is only recommended for mothers who do not have breast milk and cannot breastfeed.   Huanenbao, let the baby grow up happily!
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