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Hudao Baby Talks about the Safety and Practicality of Kindergarten Clothes

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
In order to make it easier for children to wipe their tears or nose, parents will put handkerchiefs on their children’s kindergarten uniforms, but they often overlook the safety of pins. Children sometimes pull the handkerchief unintentionally, and the ordinary pins will open. It is very easy to pierce the children and cause danger. It is recommended to use safety pins.  Children in small and middle class still don’t know how to tie their shoes, so try not to wear lace-up shoes. If the shoelaces are opened, danger will occur in the game. Young children in the big class can wear these shoes appropriately if they know how to wear them. As for the boots, don’t wear them either. They are uncomfortable and not conducive to children’s activities.   Many parents wear a small ornament on their neck for the sake of their children's beauty. This is very dangerous. Children often play games in the kindergarten, especially chasing games. If other children unconsciously pull on the hanging ropes, they will strangle the children’s necks and become dangerous. Such incidents have already occurred in domestic kindergartens.   The parents of girls want to dress their children beautifully, comb complicated braids, and wear a bunch of headdresses. Generally speaking, after waking up in the afternoon, children have to wear clothes, drink water, eat fruit, and then go to class. If the combing of the hair is too complicated, the teacher will be overwhelmed, waste a lot of time, and will not be able to go to class normally.   Children are active every day, and kindergarten uniforms will be very dirty. It is recommended to change and wash the overalls and trousers every day. Bathe frequently in summer and pay attention to personal hygiene. If your child is clean every day, the teachers and children in the class will also like him (her) very much.   provides children with a safe and comfortable living and learning environment, and protect the island baby with you to pay attention to the healthy growth of children.
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