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Hunan Satellite TV star parent-child life experience reality show 'Where is Dad?' will be broadcast

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
After 'Happy Boys   It is understood that the original model of 'Where Are We Going Dad' was purchased from South Korea's MBC TV station 'Where are we going, Dad!'. It is a show that focuses on the current parent-child relationship. In the program, there will be a 48-hour rural experience with 5 celebrity fathers and their children in each issue. The father will take care of the children's daily life alone, and be both fathers and mothers, because they rarely have the opportunity to stay together on weekdays. Father and son (female) bring an unforgettable time to get closer, and it also allows fathers to better appreciate the hardship of wives with children at home.   It is reported that the large-scale parent-child column 'Where is Dad' will invite Lin Zhiying, Guo Tao, Tian Liang, Wang Yuelun and many other celebrity fathers and sons (females) as guests to bring you a reality show of celebrity parent-child life experience.
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