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I can't believe my kids are watching these every day!

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
My child is 5 years old this year and is approaching the age of enrollment. In the eyes of outsiders, she is well-behaved and sensible, and she does not know what is going on. Her performance at home is quite different, like pranks, hyperactive, and disobedient. My daughter and my husband are bothered by the appearance of the former and the latter. I asked the older generation’s parenting experience, and wanted to educate my daughter through their experience, but finally found that it was not very effective.   This headache was changed by a book! One time, when the kindergarten was off, she did not make a fuss about going out to play, but stayed in her room to read, which surprised my husband and I. You know, we also bought a lot of popular science books for her, as well as picture books for children, which were all turned over by her and thrown aside. When she was naughty, she would tear the books! So I saw her quietly Reading books, we couldn't believe it! I walked over and sat next to her and asked her what book she was reading. She said it was borrowed from a classmate, and the children around her liked to read this book. I became more curious. She gave me the book reluctantly. It was a full-color hand-painted book with a family of bears on the cover, and the title was Beibei Bear Series. I flipped through it and found that the stories in this book are very humorous and the illustrations are also very good. The most important thing is about parenting! Even when I look at it, I find it interesting, let alone my children! It just so happens that this book is about children What should I do if I lie? I wanted to see if she would be touched, so I asked her, do you like the little bear in the story? She shook her head and said that it was not good and didn't like it. I asked why, she said it was a lie. I endured a smile and asked, isn't that what you usually do. You broke mother's cosmetics before and hid the glass ballast under the bed, asking you if you still admit it. She was silent for a while, blushing and whispered, Mom, I'm sorry. I was really surprised. I didn’t expect a book and a story to be so powerful!    After this incident, I wanted to know what kind of book the Beibei Xiong series is. Through the Internet, I know the Beibei Xiong series. It is the best-selling children's book in Random House in the United States! The author and his wife have been passionate about educating children for many years, and they have collaborated with the children's educator Dr. Suez, this set of books, and gradually expanded the team of Beibei Xiong. Now there are many kinds of Beibei bear series, and many bad behaviors of children are introduced. With joy, I went to the bookstore and bought a series of Beibei Xiong books. Since the child likes to read it and can change her bad behavior, why not do it. Gradually, with the help of Beibei Xiong, the child changed it. After a bad habit, the character behind the previous set is much better! I have to say, all this is attributed to Beibei Xiong!    Now I have the first two albums of Beibei Xiong at home, and I am going to put the rest of the Beibei Xiong. Shell bears are also bought home. When I was shopping on Taobao to buy clothes, I accidentally found that there are genuine books selling Beibei bears. It is the official flagship store of Xinjiang Youth Publishing House. The price is much cheaper than the bookstore. (Interested mothers can go to Tmall to search for 'Xinjiang Qing 'ShaosheThe flagship store will also participate, I am already eager to try it, ready to snap up!
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