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Inauguration Ceremony of Pigeon Hope Primary School in Changping, Guangxi

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
On November 5, 2013, the fifth Hope Primary School assisted by Pigeon was inaugurated in Changping Yaozu Township, Mengshan County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province. President of Pigeon Co., Ltd. Akio Oetsu, President of Pigeon China Kitazawa Kensei, Managing Director of Pigeon Baby Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ye Fangying, Changping County Government, Education Bureau, and Youth League leaders attended the inauguration ceremony. The students of Pigeon Hope Primary School dressed in ethnic costumes at the inauguration ceremony were filled with joy. At the inauguration ceremony, the leaders of Changping County Government introduced the development of Changping’s education and spoke highly of the company’s active assistance to the development of Changping’s education. , And on behalf of the people of Changping, expressed sincere gratitude to Pigeon for their charity charity. The president of Pigeon Co., Ltd., Mr. Akio Ogoshi, who came from Japan on a special trip, personally inaugurated the school and delivered a speech as the representative of Pigeon, expressing Pigeon’s great concern for the living environment and education of Chinese children, especially children in poverty-stricken areas, and expressed his practical actions. To assist poor areas, more children must receive a good education. The President of Pigeon Co., Ltd. Mr. Akio Ogoshi made a speech. Mr. Akio Ogoshi personally unveiled the Pigeon Hope Primary School. The Changping County Government issued a banner to the Pigeon Company and awarded the president Mr. Akio Ogoshi the honorary principal of the Pigeon Hope Primary School. Mr. Da Yue was hired as the honorary principal of Pigeon Hope Primary School. Pigeon accepted the pennant. At the ceremony, Pigeon also donated books worth 20,000 yuan and offered a 'Pigeon Scholarship' for poor students with excellent academic performance. After the inauguration ceremony of the Pigeon Scholarship awarded to the 'Pigeon Library' donated by Pigeon, President of Pigeon Co., Ltd. Akio Ogoshi, President of Pigeon China Kensei Kitazawa, and Managing Director of Pigeon Baby Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ye Fangying visited with local government officials. New campus. Faced with the brand-new teaching building, the children could not restrain their excitement and excitement, expressing that they would study harder in the future and aspire to be the pillars of the motherland. The new Pigeon Library President Beize visited the Pigeon Library. It is reported that Changping Yao Township is one of the only two ethnic minority townships in Wuzhou City, Guangxi. It is located in the northern part of the county seat and is the most remote mountainous township in Mengshan County. Relatively backward. The original elementary school of Yao Nationality Township, Changping County, Mengshan County has 4 teaching classes for grades 1-3 and pre-kindergarten, with 67 students. The original teaching building was built in 1981 and has reached the end of its service life. The building structure has tilted and the ground has sunk. It is a Class C dangerous building. Due to lack of construction funds, children can only learn in such an environment, and their lives are constantly threatened. At the same time, the simple campus environment cannot provide accommodation for students far away from the school. Many students have to walk a very long rugged mountain road every day to get to the school, which increases the difficulty for children to go to school.   But these have all changed with the completion of the Pigeon Hope Primary School in the Yao ethnic minority village of Changping. The foundation of the new elementary school was laid on October 31, 2012. After a year of intensive construction, a brand new and bright new campus has been completed. It is a boarding school with ethnic characteristics. The new campus has a new teaching building with a construction area of u200bu200b1,000 square meters. Compared with the original elementary school, the number of students has increased by four times. The campus radiates more surrounding villages and towns, which is very helpful to increase the enrollment rate of local children. Pigeon leaders visited poor student families and sent home supplies for study and taking pictures with teachers and students to commemorate. Pigeon is a leader in China’s maternal and infant industry. While the company is developing, it continues to promote charity, and takes love as its purpose, actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, and sincerely ***society. Since 2008, we promised to assist in the construction of a Hope Primary School every year. It is understood
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