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Infants and young children in Chengdu Huaxi Fuqing District can purchase insurance

by:Newsoon     2021-08-02
On October 28, it was learned from Huaxi Fuqing Community that all infants and young children in the jurisdiction can purchase 2014 insurance. According to the regulations of the Chengdu Medical Insurance Bureau, the purchase of the 2014 basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents including scattered children, infants and young children and supplementary supplementary insurance for critical illness medical mutual assistance. Among them, the personal payment standard for basic medical insurance for scattered children and infants is 70 yuan, the first-tier payment standard for critical illness supplementary insurance is 300 yuan, and the second-tier payment standard is 150 yuan. Note that you need to bring the original residence booklet and medical insurance card for the original purchase, and the original and copy of the residence booklet for the first purchase.   Deadline for payment: December 19th.  Purchase scope: All scattered children and infants whose household registration belongs to Fuqing Community.
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