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Infants and young children should trim their nails from time to time

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
There are three disadvantages to long nails in infants and young children: First, long nails can easily scratch themselves. Twenty is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and infants and young children like to suck their fingers or eat directly, long nails will affect their health. Thirty-long nails are easy to split and cause bleeding on the tips of the fingers. Therefore, it is very necessary to cut the nails of infants and young children frequently.  Infants and young children have a strong metabolism and their nails grow very fast, so they should be trimmed in time. Pay special attention to the following four points.   1. Choose nail clippers with fast blades, thin blades, and good quality.  2. According to the speed of nail growth, usually once a week, if you find nail polish split, you must trim it at any time.  3. It is safer for babies to trim their nails after a deep sleep, and they are easy to move their hands and feet when they are awake.  4. Cut the baby's nails. The action must be brisk, and don't cut too much at a time to avoid pain.
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