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Is kids beach shoes tested before shipment?
Yes, we ensure sufficient inspection of the finished products before they are shipped out of the factory. Beijing Newsoon Garment co., LTD has been focusing on the manufacturing of kids beach shoes for years. We are proficient in conducting quality control methods, including appearance inspection, tests on product performance, and functionality inspections. There is a quality control team arranged for product quality enhancement. Once there are defectives found, they will be removed to increase the pass rate. If you are interested in our quality control process, please contact us to apply for a factory visit.

Beijing Newsoon Garment supplies cotton baby clothes for adding values for customers. Newsoon Garment has created a number of successful series, and flamingo swimming ring is one of them. The components of Newsoon cotton baby clothes adopt low power consumption that is driven by direct current, allowing that the LED lighting has high luminous efficiency and long lifespan. This product is not likely to affect the development of the reproductive and nervous systems of babies. This product offers the greatest level of support and comfort. It will conform to the curves and needs and provide correct support. The product has been sterilized during production.

Beijing Newsoon Garment will passionately pursue high performance targets. Get price!
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