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June baby drinking Chinese medicine? Experts recommend correct parenting in winter

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
Recently, the reporter received a helpline from Ms. Li, stating that her 6-month-old baby has been catching cold repeatedly since autumn, hoping to find a TCM doctor who is proficient in pediatrics for treatment. The reporter was shocked at the time. Although Chinese medicine is the quintessence of our country, its side effects are much smaller than western medicine, but after all, Chinese medicine is also medicine. Is it a bit weird to give Chinese medicine to a 6-month-old baby? After that, the reporter searched the Internet and found that there are really 6-month-old babies who drink Chinese medicine, but the mothers have different opinions on the question of whether they can drink Chinese medicine. In this regard, the reporter asked Mr. Wang, the parenting expert of the Aiyile brand, whether the advantages or disadvantages of drinking Chinese medicine for babies, and how to take care of the sick baby in autumn and winter. Ms. Wang Guihua is the specially invited nutrition and parenting consultant of Aiyile and has been engaged for a long time. Rich experience in early childhood education and health work. After understanding the reporter’s question, Mr. Wang gave her own point of view. She thinks that if the cold is not cured for a long time, or if the baby is weak, you can try traditional Chinese medicine, because the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are small and can fundamentally improve the baby's physique. However, Chinese medicine is not a panacea. The so-called medicine is not as good as food tonic. For the baby, a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise are the most suitable.  The problem that babies are prone to catching colds in winter is low immunity, so novice mothers need to care about how to improve their babies’ immunity. How to improve immunity? Teacher Wang said that if the baby is fed with milk powder, she should drink milk powder containing lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is an important non-heme iron-binding glycoprotein in breast milk, which can participate in iron transport, and has powerful biological functions such as broad-spectrum ***, anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, and immune system regulation, which can significantly improve the baby Immunity. Lactoferrin is contained in Ayile Golden Milk Powder. As the original imported milk powder brand in Australia, its manufacturer is Tatura, a century-old Australian dairy company. The milk powder has high safety and good quality, which is suitable for the physique of Chinese babies. According to the reporter's understanding, after purchasing Ayile milk powder and accumulating points to become a platinum member, you can participate in the 'Splendid Baby Show·Mother's Tour to Australia' activity launched by Ayile on the official website, and you will have the opportunity to witness the high-end quality of Ayile in Australia. .   In addition, Teacher Wang also reminded novice mothers to avoid some misunderstandings. For example, it is not better to wear as many clothes as possible. Many mothers are afraid that their babies will catch a cold, so they wrap their babies tightly in three layers. As everyone knows, infants and young children have a strong metabolism, and their body temperature is higher than that of adults. Walking babies are more active and not quiet. If they wear too much, they cannot exchange heat well. Excess heat accumulates in the body, which will lead to a decrease in resistance. , Let the baby catch a cold with a little bit of wind and cold. After a cold, mothers will often cover it more tightly, causing bad circulation. Secondly, calcium, zinc, iron and other trace elements are not as much as possible. Some mothers will prescribe their own prescriptions for some discomforts in the baby to supplement calcium, zinc, iron... You must know that too much is too late, these things will be more supplemented. It is also bad for the baby's body. Babies start to eat complementary foods after 6 months, just pay attention to nutritional balance on complementary foods. Teacher Wang also mentioned to reporters that the 'Shurui Baby Training Camp' series of parenting lectures organized by Ayile are held in various cities, and professional parenting teachers are invited to explain on the spot. If you want to learn more about scientific parenting, Mothers can pay attention to the location and time of the event, and attending such professional lectures will definitely gain something. This is also Aiyile's feedback to all mothers as a enthusiastic milk powder brand.
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