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Just bought baby clothes to be washed?

by:Newsoon     2021-01-23

when to have children, every parent has a very exciting feeling, especially when the mother of women for the first time, will choose to buy a lot of clothes to their babies, and daily necessities, the parents when choosing clothes for the baby, can choose the material is very safe, so there will be a lot of people talking about just bought clothes use need not wash, now learn about the just bought baby clothes to be washed?

1, when the baby just bought clothes, must be thoroughly cleaned, and selecting the hot water temperature is higher for ironing, so I can sterilization. And after washing is also a need to under the sunlight insolates, doing so will help keep the clothes in the bacteria completely eliminate, to a baby's skin is protective.

2, parents in the baby wash his clothes, and to choose the laundry detergent without any toxic substances, special-purpose detergent can thoroughly kill the bacteria, in addition to better protect children's skin, help the baby against some diseases.

3, in addition, the parents when choosing clothes for the baby, must choose pure cotton material. Because the baby's skin is very sensitive and fragile, some bad cloth will give the child some bacteria in the skin, and may cause symptoms of allergy in infants; Besides some clothes fabric is not good, easy to damage the baby's skin table, cause baby body unwell.
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