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Just what are the Best Educational Toy Is Mother Face

by:Newsoon     2020-07-25
Believe it or not, more and more researches show that from pregnancy phase to five years old, it is the time to develop various organs system. The development condition of children and its disadvantageous factors would have important influence on people for the whole personal life. Therefore more and more parents and researchers pay more attention on maintaining and adolescents psychological and behavioral problems.
According to statistics, about 6% to 22% teen-agers in China have psychological and behavioral problems. The data is increasing year by year. What's more, if such psychological and behavioral problems and development obstruction can't be corrected in time with the right ways, it would have negative influence on people and finally lead to social stability problem. As for the right way to resolve this problem, parents, teachers and pediatricians should collaborate together to take positive response.
Many psychological and behavioral problems are emerged in early childhood and have direct relationship with children's family environment, mother and father's mastering. In most family, parents hope their children have bright future. However, you will some distance between the wish and the simple fact. Nowadays, young parents always feel the high pressure from both work and family life so that often don't have plenty of time to give more knowledge and communication with their offspring. Instead, they often spend too much money on buying all kinds of top grade toys, especially educational toys, for young kids. I am sure not every parent knows that youngsters would get more knowledge and pleasure if parents play toys with any of them.
According to the project named pay attention about the children early development authored by World Health Organization, probably the most educational toys for babies in early time are their family members, especially mother's face. The smile on mother's face and the communication between mother and children are the best ways to develop children's ability. However, in daily life, many parents often neglect such factor. For kids who're weak in language ability, using electronic media exceedingly as education methods would result in language development obstruction. In other cases, some parents put all the education hope on the initial childhood organizations, in fact, children's potential development are mainly dependent on family, existence and their parents. If lacking of the participation of parents, even the best children early development organizations and the best teachers can not have the significant role of children trend.
Above all, as parents, not just only buy kids for kids, bear in mind that kids' best educational toy is their fathers and mothers.
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