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Knowledge-based products are selling hot, knowledge-based consumption becomes just demand for mothers and babies

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
From July 10th to 31st, the third anniversary store discounts of the mother-and-baby self-media e-commerce representative 'Nian Gao Mama' were released, and the sales were very hot. On the 17th, the single-day sales exceeded 15 million. Among them, knowledge products such as picture books, early education machines, crayons, etc. sell particularly well. The demand for knowledge products is very strong.     (2017 New Year Cake Mom’s Customized Interactive Picture Book Set)    New Year Cake Mom’s platform, knowledge-based parenting products have become a sales star, reflecting the trend of “knowledge-based consumption is becoming a rigid demand in the maternal and infant industry”. Coincidentally, on April 10, the '2017 China Maternal and Child Online Consumption Trend Report' released by the 21st Century Economic Research Institute also pointed out this trend.   In the past two years, under the promotion of e-commerce of maternal and child content led by rice cake mothers, 'scientific parenting' has become a trend, and more and more parents are aware of the importance of early childhood education. In addition to the correct early education method of entertaining and entertaining, practical early education products can better help children's character cultivation, habit formation, intellectual development and learning ability shaping, making parenting easier. Knowledge-based childcare products have naturally become a new hot spot in the maternal and infant industry.  As a typical domestic knowledge e-commerce company, rice cake mothers spare no effort in the procurement and development of childcare knowledge products. For example, the platform's popular item-Nian Gao Mama's customized interactive picture book set is made by Giao Mama personally selecting the ten most popular picture books of Nian Giao from the picture books of her son Xiao Nian Gao, and combining them. These picture books are rich in colors and full of fun. Mothers have left messages: 'With this set of picture books, I no longer worry that children don’t like to listen to stories!'    You can also purchase knowledge products in advance for your babies. Enlightenment education, let babies learn to learn and think.
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