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Let go of the 'second child alone' has temperature and depth

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
The 'Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Several Major Issues of Comprehensively Deepening Reform' proposes to adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, initiate the implementation of the policy that couples with only one child can have two children, gradually adjust and improve the childbirth policy, and promote long-term balanced population development. Family planning as a basic national policy has been implemented in our country for more than 30 years. This policy not only in line with China’s national conditions but also in accordance with the actual social development has not only promoted the healthy and healthy development of the Chinese population, but also avoided many uncontrolled birth zones. The coming social secondary disasters. If the family planning policy were not implemented more than 30 years ago, I really don’t know what China will be like now. After more than 30 years of implementation, the implementation of the family planning policy has now become a conscious action of many people. In some places, many young couples are only willing to have one child. 'Take a child well' has become the consensus of many people. . In some cities, more and more 'DINK families' are unwilling to have children. 'The failure to connect the green and yellow' has led to more and more serious social problems such as population aging and labor shortage, which has caused China's economic and social sustainable development to face a severe crisis. At the same time, some 'separate' families that have the conditions and ability to raise a second child suffer from no policy and dare not go beyond the 'thunder pool' for half a step. The central government’s decision to let go of 'separate two-children' is a major adjustment and improvement of my country’s family planning policy and a major strategic decision for the country’s population development. It not only conforms to the ardent expectations of the masses in the new era, but is also conducive to social harmony and stability. This is a good policy that not only has people's livelihood temperature, but also has strategic depth. Will the liberalization of 'single second child' lead to a huge population increase? Regarding this problem, the National Health and Family Planning Commission has done a lot of investigation and research and believes that the release of birth accumulation will occur in the next two to three years after the New Deal is launched 4-5 years A small birth peak, but the total fertility rate will not exceed 2%, and then it will start to fall, and the birth rate will still be low. In fact, many young couples in large and medium-sized cities have already felt the various pressures brought about by childbirth. After their children are born, they basically have to be armed with 'moneyGiven a certain economic foundation, who would dare to have another one to 'find hard work'. Therefore, although the policy has been liberalized, not all eligible couples of childbearing age are willing to have a 'second child.'   Some people may say that since my country's population aging is already serious, why not let it all go? I foolishly think that our country's basic national conditions have determined that it is impossible to completely let go of the family planning policy. Although our country’s current economic level has developed rapidly, it is still in a situation of “weak foundation and small per capita possession”, and various social resources cannot satisfy some people who are willing to give birth to “free life”. Moreover, during the more than 30 years of strict implementation of the family planning policy, there are still a small number of ordinary people in some remote places of our country because of the influence of the 'patriarchal' and 'passing on generations' thinking, trying to escape the policy and keep having children until they give birth to boys until. If all is let go, this bad social atmosphere of 'only rebirth, not renewed' will be promoted, and the country and society will ultimately be harmed.   Children are the future of the motherland and the hope of every family. Letting go of 'separate two children' is a population strategy adjustment at the national level to alleviate the problem of population aging; at the family level, it is to increase family members, eliminate the loneliness of only children, and harmonize the family atmosphere. But no matter from which point of view, children have great responsibilities and glorious missions. We need each adult to create a good social and family environment for their healthy growth.
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