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Lin Zhiying: Wife is here, Kimi is destined to be extraordinary

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
'Now if people ask me to act as father, I believe I don't have to act.' Lin Zhiying, who was the same age as Guo Degang, finally got an impression that matched his age. This is a conversation between a Beijing film and a ***like voice. To be honest, it does have a sense of distance. Lin Zhiying did not like to laugh as much as he thought. During the 50 minutes of our conversation, he spoke seriously about the importance of parent-child relationship. Sex, environmental control, and even 'free radicals' in the body...In short, there are a lot of things that have nothing to do with the entertainment industry.   It has always been difficult to hook Lin Zhiying and pure men, because he has a soft tone and a pair of intoxicating dimples. In fact, Lin Zhiying speaks very fast in life, and the boss is full of fanfare among the ***s. On the day of the interview, Lin Zhiying’s business partners came to visit the class and talked about the future direction of cooperation. Lin Zhiying clearly pointed out which ones can cooperate and which ones are resolutely not. This is a fair and decisive tone, which is completely different from the image of a gentle dad on the screen.  Lin Zhiying’s career is the same as his way of dealing with people, with clear lines and stability. He made his official debut at the age of 17, accepting film and television dramas and acting as endorsements, whether in or outside the drama, always following the standard idol inspirational route. Although the male stars of the same period are eager to grow their beards and show off their muscles, the 39-year-old Lin Zhiying is still singing 'The Rainy Season of Seventeen' on stage. In business, marrying a wife and having children, Lin Zhiying, a sober-minded man, has always insisted on 'doing what you are at your age'. He boldly announced the marriage news. When his acting career was at a slump, he plunged into shopping malls and racetracks. He suffered serious injuries and lost thousands of dollars. Ten thousand. Now that Lin Zhiying thinks about 'pretending to be tender   In his view, the transformation is not just talking. He used his ten years of life experience to wait carefully for a good opportunity, just like the Li Ang he admired-a ten-year dream of a movie.   Become a dad: It’s an out-and-out 'child slave'  'Kimi is destined to be extraordinary, and it is inevitable to attract attention in a lifetime'  Lin Zhiying may not have expected that his public impression is a watershed in a variety show.   Before the broadcast of 'Where Are You Going Dad' (hereinafter referred to as 'Dad'), the three words 'Lin Zhiying' will always be equal to a youth idol and equal to the '17-year-old rainy season'. People's memory of him has always been in the 'little whirlwind': super baby-faced, three-to-seven distribution type, with a clear voice when speaking, and the characters in the play are always handsome and naughty...No one noticed that Lin Zhiying is already four years old. The doll's father is out. 'Lin Zhiying was like a child. He must have used his son as a toy.' Ex-girlfriend Lin Xinru (weibo) complained about Lin Zhiying with a child.
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