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Maternal and child chain meets Double Eleven test, logistics urgently increases

by:Newsoon     2021-08-02
According to news on October 31, the double eleven's pressing once again has caused many maternal and infant companies whose main business is offline chain retail to get nervous ahead of time. The relevant person in charge of Mie’s pregnancy, infants and children said when accepting the connection of Yibang Power Network, due to the dispersion of online orders, the original offline distribution system could not well support the 'single-point burst' type of large-scale promotion on Double Eleven. , And is now urgently supplementing third-party courier services. The relevant person in charge of Mie’s pregnancy and children told Ebond.com that there are about 300 physical channels for Mie’s pregnancy and children nationwide. However, due to the development of online channels this year, a large number of online orders will appear during the Double Eleven . According to past data, the online order volume in South China is much larger than that in North China, and the chain stores of Mie’s pregnancy and infants are mainly distributed in North China. Therefore, the big promotion of Double Eleven will lead to the line A large number of non-crossover orders have been formed online and offline. 'Our original demand for online and offline orders is actually basically fulfilled by offline distribution networks. For example, in Tianjin, there are now 40 retail stores, and online orders and physical orders can be completed by offline store staff, and can be delivered in one hour. The goods are delivered to your door. However, we have already warned in advance of the risk of warehouse explosion on Double Eleven, and have added a lot of third-party distribution forces to come in.' The relevant person in charge of Mie’s pregnancy and infants said.   However, it was revealed that Mie’s pregnancy and infants had previously been mainly offline retail, but only some online channels or flagship stores were launched in the middle of this year. According to the relevant person in charge, consumers who buy maternity and infant products online are not the most qualitative customers, nor are they the target users that Mie’s Maternity and Babies most want to attract, so they have not invested much effort on the Internet. , And the entire online operation team has only dozens of people. When accepting the connection of Yibang Power Network, the insider of Mi's Pregnant and Infant said: 'We actually have another important goal in the process of participating in Double Eleven, which is to go backwards from online to offline.' According to reports, this time. During the Double Eleven Promotion, the main promotion policy for Mie’s pregnancy and children is to spend a certain amount of online consumption and give offline experience coupons with a larger face value. Such as the main promotion strategy: a 500 yuan offline experience coupon will be given for an online purchase of over 200 yuan.   Therefore, the selection of Mi’s pregnant and infants on the Internet this time is mainly concentrated on some low- and medium-priced standard products with obvious advantages in attracting customers. 'This Double Eleven, we have specially prepared about 30 million goods for online channels, and the target sales this time is more than 10 million yuan. However, since this is the first time to participate in Double Eleven, we have more It's still attracting customers and conducting sales tests.' A related person of Mie's pregnancy and infants said.   It is understood that Mie's Pregnancy and Infant Child was established in 2001, mainly engaged in the agency, promotion, and retail business of pregnancy and infant child brands. At present, it has more than 200 self-operated chain stores and 55 franchise stores. The main business network covers the three northeastern provinces, the main cities include Tianjin, Dalian, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, etc., and there are currently warehouses in 14 cities across the country.
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