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More than half of our parents trust imported milk powder

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
At present, China has become the second largest consumer of baby and child products after the United States. The number of infants and children aged 0-12 in China is as high as 200 million. The 'High-level Forum on Safe Consumption of Maternal and Child in China' was held in Beijing yesterday. It is reported that over 90% of consumers in my country are worried about the safety of food for infants and young children, and nearly 60% of parents are willing to buy imported milk powder for their children.   In recent years, the baby and child market has maintained a rapid growth of 15%. According to data released on the spot, 91.7% of the respondents are most worried about the safety of infant food among infant products. For infants, in addition to breast milk, formula milk powder is their important food, and even a source of food for sex. Survey data shows that 58.6% of people tend to buy imported milk powder. The proportion of respondents with an income of more than 20,000 yuan buying imported milk powder reached 70.2%.
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