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Mother and baby brands frequently present safety hazards Goodbaby health products sell well in the market

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
With the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day approaching, the maternal and infant market, which has shown explosive growth in recent years, is even more surging. However, the frequently exposed safety issues of maternal and child products have cast a shadow over the market, and it has also caused a fundamental change in the concept of consumers’ choice of maternal and child products. Health and safety have become * **condition. The world’s largest supplier, retailer, and service provider of full-category maternal and child products-Goodbaby Group, in order to allow more Chinese mothers and babies to use healthy and safe maternal and child products, from September 15 to On October 15th, the 'Good Boy Little Dragon Hapi National Tour Exhibition' was launched nationwide. The two major brands of Goodbaby Group have a full series of hundreds of high-quality products, which will create a healthy and happy growth environment for children.  Industry insiders believe that Goodbaby’s event will not only make the concept of 'health and safety' deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also demonstrate Goodbaby’s sense of responsibility as a leading brand in the global maternal and infant industry.   The safety of the mother and baby market is worrying. Goodbaby’s full range of products focus on health. Recently, there have been frequent safety problems in mother and baby products. Infant diapers, children’s clothing, milk powder, toys, etc. have been exposed to potential safety hazards. The 'Fonterra' incident not long ago caused an uproar in the industry. Although the survey results showed that it was just a 'false alarmIn August, the *** Consumer Council tested 27 safety seats, of which 6 safety seats were tested for formaldehyde and 2 carcinogens were tested. The test results also showed that these safety seats were exposed to a frontal impact. The protection capabilities of the company are also uneven. The vigorous market demand and products with constant problems have made consumers focus on health and safety of maternal and child products. Goodbaby has been relying on its strong research and development capabilities as a backing and is committed to the health and safety of maternal and child products. It is about to launch the 'Good Boy Little Dragon Hapi National Tour Exhibition' during the Double Festival, which is bound to give anxious consumers a 'reassurance.' It is understood that this event Goodbaby Group will bring its two major brands of Goodbaby and Xiaolonghabi all products, as well as hundreds of products from the international *** maternal and child brands that it represents, conveying maternal and child products focusing on health , The concept of safety. The touring products include the 'Hummingbird' series, the world's lightest baby stroller made of aerospace materials, which caused a rush to buy when it went on the market this year; Zhanhua toiletries; 3 consecutive years in China, the only child car seat in the industry that has passed the European and American professional safety standards; the fashionable and healthy four worlds of Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Skechers*** Children's shoes... The relevant person in charge of the Goodbaby Group stated that the double festival tour should not only let consumers know what are the elements of safe and healthy maternal and child products, but also arouse the health and safety issues of the maternal and child market. Attention, and jointly promote the progress and development of the industry.
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