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Must-see for baby teething period!

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
The child fell to the ground, and his mother smiled. An important part of the parenting process is when your baby grows teeth. What should parents pay attention to when teething? What should parents do? Precautions for baby teething care 1. Clean the baby's teeth. You can wrap a small piece of gauze around your index finger and moisten the gauze. After warm water, reach into the baby's mouth and thoroughly wipe every corner of the mouth, and wipe each place once or twice. 2. When the baby has his first tooth, he may encounter anorexia or start to add supplementary food. At this time, parents must clean the baby's teeth, and don't let the bad oral environment increase the baby's gums. burden. 3. If the baby’s teeth do not grow late, is it related to the baby’s calcium deficiency? Because the hardness of the baby’s teeth is directly related to calcium, but whether the baby can grow teeth is not related to calcium. If the baby is over one year old and has not developed teeth, he should find the relevant doctor for examination to determine whether it is related to the gums. Parents should do this 1. After the baby has teeth, parents should take the child to see the dentist regularly. When parents take their children for regular physical examinations, dental examinations should also be included. 2. When babies are teething, they will often drool, like to bite and suck their fingers. Parents need to be careful not to let the baby develop the habit of sucking fingers. Frequent finger-sucking is not good for the baby’s teeth development and may lead to the habit of mandibular extension. 3. Parents must not let the baby sleep with a bottle in it, or go to bed after drinking milk, sometimes it will lead to serious 'bottle caries'. This is because the baby’s deciduous teeth have a low degree of calcification and soft tooth texture. The condition develops rapidly after caries, and the number of carious teeth is also large, which is difficult to treat and the children are extremely painful. Therefore, parents should actively prevent 'bottle caries'. 4. In addition, some babies will have fever, irritability, salivation, biting objects, etc. during teething; parents should pay attention to the child's performance, give the child more water, if fever, you can take antipyretic medication; you can give the baby a molar stick; Delayed teething is mostly caused by calcium deficiency. You can check the trace elements to find out if you are lack of calcium, supplement calcium in time. 5. When the baby has just developed his first tooth or is one year old, he should take the child to see the dentist and go for a review after 6 months. In this way, if there is a problem, it can be found and treated in time.
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