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National Health and Family Planning Commission: It is not recommended to check trace elements for infants and young children under 6 months

by:Newsoon     2021-08-02
On October 30, the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a regulation on trace element inspection on its official website, which caused concern.   The National Health and Family Planning Commission stipulates that medical institutions can carry out targeted microelement testing based on children’s clinical symptoms, but they must standardize blood sampling techniques and storage procedures, and the equipment used should be approved by the food and drug regulatory authorities. For non-diagnostic and treatment needs, medical institutions at all levels and types are not allowed to carry out trace element testing for children.   At the same time, the Health and Family Planning Commission clearly stated that it is not appropriate to use trace element testing as a general survey item such as physical examination, especially for infants under 6 months of age. Medical institutions that conduct child trace element testing in violation of regulations shall be dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations. 'The current trace element inspections mainly include calcium, iron, zinc, lead and other elements. These elements are sufficient for most people at 6 months.' A pediatrician said that infants and young children within 6 months With sufficient breast milk, hemoglobin and stored iron can be maintained within the normal range. The content of zinc in human colostrum is also sufficient, and even if breast milk is insufficient, formula milk should be supplemented appropriately. The current formula milk has a large amount of added There is no possibility of lack of these elements.
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