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Overview of sales channels of China's maternity, infant and child products

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
China’s pregnant, infant and child market has strong consumer demand and diverse channels, but they are all based on the living habits, consumption habits, regional characteristics, and information acquisition methods of Chinese consumers. Retailers’ sales channels take the retail stores of maternity, infant and child products as an example, usually in the form of single retail stores (***), chain retail stores (the same store owner opens branches of the same brand), franchise chain stores, etc. (different store owners open the same brand Franchise). A single retail store and a chain retail store opened by the same owner can maintain the store quality at the mid-to-high end, with strong professionalism, diversified products and excellent quality. It can have uniform standards in product selection, store management and staff training, and is more Pay attention to sales guidance and after-sales service. Some high-level retail stores have improved their sales services to a level where they can maintain long-term trusting relationships with customers. It can be said that they provide services first and then sell products. It can also be said that such retail stores build brands first and then start business. Therefore, the initial investment will be relatively high, and once it is stable, it will thrive, because the hearts of the guests have been captured and mutual trust has been established.   franchise chain stores usually sell mid-to-low-end products, because shop owners are different, and after operating for a period of time, they will change the product structure in the store according to their respective preferences and judgments. The advantage of this type of store can be said to be a strong shopping experience, because the owner of the store often sits in the store by himself, and the service content is more abundant; the disadvantage is that although the brand is the same, the level of the store varies, and some franchise stores even have single products and poor service When it is in place, the business is often eager for quick success and quick profit, pursuing rapid investment***. Therefore, franchise chain stores are often unable to truly establish brand effect and market trust as a retail channel. But as a large-scale sales method, the rapid expansion of franchise chains can accelerate the dissemination of product information in the maternal and infant industry to a certain extent, and at the same time, it can more quickly collect customer demand information and be flexible in business development. Manufacturers’ sales channels. Manufacturers of pregnant, baby and child products usually open up sales channels in many ways. In addition to entering retail stores at all levels, they will also consider opening branded physical retail stores after their products reach a certain scale. Including online shops. It should be noted that the product manufacturer’s online store product price must not hinder the retail sales of retailers in the retail channel. Of course, retail stores usually also have online stores of their own retail brands. Online shop is a convenient way to shop for old customers. The best advantage for shop owners is that there will be no rent and inventory pressure.   Manufacturers usually choose to open independent stores based on actual conditions such as strength and product types, or use the shelves of department stores and hypermarkets as retail channels to expand sales. The best advantage is that it can strengthen consumers' awareness of the brand, and can directly feel the quality of the product, learn product knowledge, and ultimately establish consumers' trust in the brand.  Department stores and hypermarkets, etc., are easier for people to access products at will. Even employees with less knowledge about mothers and babies can help customers achieve further service marketing. However, it cannot be ignored that channels such as hypermarkets and supermarkets are the 'main force' for the supply of basic maternal and child products, and a considerable number of consumers will purchase basic maternal and child products for daily needs here.
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