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Parklandi shares with you baby winter skin care

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
After Lidong, the weather became dry. The baby’s tender skin can be broken with a finger, what should the mother do to keep the baby’s skin hydrated even on dry days?    1. Apply moisturizer to the small face in time at home. Mom can prepare a soft and moist towel for the baby First wipe your baby's cheeks, and then apply some BB lotion to prevent chapped skin. If the baby's face is dry, desquamated, wrinkled, and other 'serious' phenomena, you can choose more moisturizing glycerin, petrolatum ointment, etc. to apply.  2, don’t lick your small lips.   In autumn and winter, your baby’s small lips are particularly prone to dryness or even peeling. Compared with other skins, the lips do not have sweat glands and oil secretion, and the baby likes to lick the lips. Not only can it not moisten the lips, but it will accelerate the evaporation of water on the lips and make the lips more dry. For lips, try to divert his attention and prevent him from licking, and then use moisturizing lip balm to increase humidity.   In addition, in autumn and winter, mothers should let their babies drink more water and eat more foods containing vitamin B2, such as pig liver and egg yolks. This can well prevent chapped lips or 'rotten corners of the mouth'. If the baby’s lips are chapped and bleeding, the mother can first wipe the baby’s lips with a wet towel to wipe the water dry, and then apply chlortetracycline ointment or a lot of lip balm. Children's lip balm containing vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients is the ideal choice for mothers.  3, the small nostrils should always be moist.   If mothers want to keep the baby's small nostrils moist, they can often moisturize the nasal cavity with a cotton swab dipped in light saline and gently roll out the secretions in the nasal cavity. The air is dry and the baby's nose is easy to feel uncomfortable. Moms can use a humidifier or put water in the room, dry wet towels, etc. to increase the indoor humidity. In order to keep the nose unobstructed when the baby sleeps, the mother must have the quilt under the chin, and don't develop the habit of sleeping with the head covered. Let the baby breathe more fresh air on weekdays. 4. Small body needs to be scrubbed without rough towel. Moms should choose a soft towel to wipe gently when bathing the baby. (If the baby is scrubbed with a rough towel, it is not only easy to damage the skin, but also easy to make the skin rough and aging) , Choose a neutral shower gel suitable for your baby. If the baby is peeling, mother can pour a few drops of baby moisturizing oil in the bathtub, and don’t forget to wipe the body with moisturizer after washing the baby!    5. Use warm water to soak the baby’s hands and feet with warm water because there is no hair to keep warm , The skin glands are not developed, so it is prone to chapped. You can let your baby wear small gloves when going out. In addition, do not use alkaline hand sanitizer or soap when washing your hands. Use warm water to soak your hands and feet and apply moisturizer in time. If the small hands and feet appear dry, painful, or bleeding, first soak the hands and feet in warm water, soak as far as possible, and then apply urea ointment or salicylic acid ointment. (Excerpt from Pacific Parent-child Network)    Mom and Dad, hurry up and collect it! Let your baby stay away from dryness and spend the winter tenderly!
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