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Pay attention to children's character shaping, Man Wonderful Dream Theater is about to enter the capital

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
The performance stills of 'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' in the Wonderful Dream Theater If everyone has a Hamlet in their heart, then every child has a beautiful fairy tale in his heart. This story may be sweet or brave, the process is full of imagination, and the ending is again All are complete and warm. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the first domestic children’s character-shaping animation doll stage drama jointly created by Hangzhou Manqimiao Animation Production Company 'Manqi Dream Theater' and the domestic baby and child personal care industry's *** company Frog Prince (China) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. 'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' will land at the Beijing Donggong Cinema, September 19-21, three consecutive days of six performances, allowing children to spend a warm holiday while also having close contact with their favorite anime characters , Learn the hero's good character of unity and bravery through watching the drama.   'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' tells the story of the cute frog prince who has a magic box that can conjure anything to fulfill his wishes. He can realize his wishes as long as he speaks a magic spell. Suddenly one day, a big shark came from the dark magical abyss under the sea and took away the treasure box. So Prince Frog and his friends overcame their weaknesses and went into battle with evil forces.  The repertoire is based on the characters of the well-known cartoon 'The Frog Prince'. The characters such as Frog Prince, Tiger Qiqi, and Rabbit Wonder are bright and childlike, and are easily accepted by children. In addition to the brilliant storyline, 'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' also incorporates some good characters that children need to learn. For example, because everyone is not united, the bad shark big steel teeth has the opportunity to control Ma Jiaojiao and Ji Gu Gu; while the frog prince and his friends are not afraid of difficulties and bravely march forward, and finally achieve their goals are set up for the children. Set a good example of going forward courageously and persevering. After the meticulous creation of the company, the stage play 'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' incorporates a large number of live interactions in the performance link. When Hu Qiqi and Xiong Dabao had a quarrel, the children were led by the actors in unison. Shouting'reconciliation quickly, great strength'; when everyone needs to unite and work hard to open the magic backpack to obtain colorful magic brushes, the children together shout'Come on' for the frog prince and friends; when everyone works together to defeat the bad shark , The children in the audience also burst into cheers along with the plot... This kind of performance has formed a positive guide to the children more intuitively, and exerted an impact in simple terms, allowing the children to experience friendship and friendship while entertaining. Unity, kindness, courage and happiness will shape one's own good character. It is worth mentioning that the main lineup of 'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' is unprecedentedly luxurious. Mr. You Benchang, a movie star, dramatist, and the actor of the 85th version of Jigong, is specially invited as an art consultant, and Ms. Tian Jia, general manager of Manqi Miao Company Producer, Mr. Song Xiaoning, director of many well-known Japanese animation stage plays such as HelloKitty musical stage play 'Journey to the WestMr. Yu Fangda, who has many years of experience in stage plays and dramas, is the coordinator. At the same time, he invited dozens of film and television dramas and dramas such as the movie 'Egg Fried RiceThe music producer Wang Xiaoyu is in charge of the whole music project, tailoring the theme song and scene soundtrack for the repertoire, which can be called the fusion of high-level production and international operation mode. In the previous tour in Qingdao and Tianjin, 'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' won unanimous praise from parents and children, calling out 'a worthwhile trip'. Currently, tickets for the Beijing performance of the anime drama 'The Frog Prince: Magic Abyss' are on sale on professional ticketing websites such as Damai.com, Capital Ticketing.com, Jingdong Ticketing.com, New Culture Ticketing.com, China Ticketing Online, etc., for cartoon fans who buy tickets. An endless stream. Parents and children who love anime and stage dramas, may wish to enter the Wonderful Dream Theater during the Mid-Autumn Festival, pursue dreams with the frog prince, and explore the secrets of the magic abyss.
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