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Pay attention to feeding at night

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
'Breastfeeding should pay attention to the postureExperts said: 'The correct posture should be sitting feeding. Mom *** sits on a chair with a little boost on the side of the baby's head. Hold the baby in her arms, and the mother should put the nipple completely into the baby's mouth Don’t let your baby suck the front part of the nipples. Moms should face the baby with a smile to facilitate parent-child communication. '   But there is one more thing to pay attention to is feeding at night. Many babies cry in the middle of the night and want to drink. Feeding mothers at night is really hard, but it is also prone to danger. If the child falls asleep with the nipple, the nipple may block the child's nostrils and cause suffocation, or suffocation due to galactorrhea. Experts reminded: 'When mothers breastfeed the baby at night, the light in the room should not be too dark, and the baby's skin color should be clearly seen. After feeding, the baby should still be picked up and gently patted on the back. Wait until the baby hiccups before putting it down. The mother should observe for a while to prevent the child from being caught in time when she is galactorrhea.'
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