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Pediatrician Weapon Supports Nutrition for Artificial Feeding Baby

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
According to recent reports, according to data recently released by the Health and Family Planning Commission, the exclusive breastfeeding rate of children aged 0-6 months in my country is 27.8%, which is far below the 50% feeding rate target set by the 'China Children's Development Program'. As we all know, breast milk is the food for infants. Not only can it provide rich nutrition that formula milk does not have, but breastfeeding is of great benefit to the mother's physical and mental health and parent-child relationship. At present, the overall level of breastfeeding rate in my country is relatively low. Of course, it is still awaiting the popularization of breastfeeding knowledge and the support of laws and regulations for breastfeeding, but there are still some situations that make mothers have to adopt artificial feeding.  Some babies with special diseases are not easy to breastfeed. The more typical ones are galactosemia and maple diabetes. As for mothers, mothers who suffer from chronic diseases that require long-term medication, are in acute bacterial or viral infection, undergo radioactive iodine treatment, are exposed to toxic or radioactive substances, suffer from severe *** disease, *** disease, and mental illness, are not suitable for breast milk. feed.   Artificially fed babies face greater challenges in terms of immunity and intestinal health. A large number of immune substances in breast milk can help babies resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses, and breast milk also has an important role in the intestinal health of babies. Artificially fed babies lack the natural protection of breast milk, so they are more susceptible to diseases, allergies, and nutrient absorption problems.   In addition to choosing suitable high-quality infant formula milk for baby artificial feeding, it also needs more nutritional support. Anyodo, recommended by many pediatricians and praised by mothers, can help artificially feed babies with a comprehensive and balanced nutrition and build their own immune system. Anyodo uses a purely natural, non-additive original black-bone chicken egg protein source, combining two major advantages: First, the content of egg protein is second only to breast milk, and the amino acid composition is closer to the human body; second, Anyodo uses the original Gene protection, combined with unique technologies such as natural free-range breeding, ensure that the original black-bone chicken egg protein used for purification and hydrolysis is free of hormones, pollution, and additives. In view of the problem that common proteins have large molecular weights and are difficult to absorb, Anyodo uses hydrolysis technology to cut large molecular proteins into short peptides and active nutrients in small molecular fragments, which are more suitable for babies to absorb and can effectively avoid protein allergies.   While we encourage and support more mothers to adopt breastfeeding, we should also give more care to babies who need artificial feeding under special circumstances.
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