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'Pleasant Goat' and 'Bear Haunted' were ordered to rectify and TV has stopped broadcasting

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
On October 12, the 'News Broadcast' reported that ten animation production organizations including CCTV Animation Co., Ltd., and ten major animation broadcasting organizations such as CCTV Children’s Channel, jointly issued an initiative to call on the entire industry to promise not to produce or broadcast violent incidents. Cartoons with vulgar language and degree. Among them, 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf' and 'Bear Haunted' two cartoons were named, saying that due to the violence and vulgar language of the two films, they are being rectified. It is reported that the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television will issue content standards for domestic cartoons within this year, imposing strict restrictions on violence, vulgarity, dangerous plots and uncivilized language. 'Pleasant Goat' and 'Bear Haunted' are accused of violence. The domestically produced original TV cartoon 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf' depicts a Big Big Wolf who wants to eat but can never eat sheep. Since its launch in June 2005, it has been all the rage and has become the most popular One of the strong domestic original cartoons. However, there are also some violent scenes in the play that are easy to be imitated by children. There have been accidents in which children burned their playmates because they imitated the plot in the play. According to statistics, in the complete episode of the cartoon 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf'Pleasant Goat' and 'Bears Haunted' were ordered to rectify and the cartoon 'Bears Haunted' was also questioned by some parents when it was broadcast. Some parents once questioned that the cartoon had 21 swear words in 10 minutes, and pointed out that the film was 'bald.' 'Qiang' shouted 'Smelly bear, I will hack you to death' all day long, and wielded the chainsaw everywhere. In the film, the 'Gun' with the 'Bald Head Strong' has also become a favorite 'toy' of the children, and some children like to swing the chainsaw toy used by the 'Bald Head Strong' after watching. Some parents said that a child in the children's class was obsessed with this cartoon, and took the toy chainsaw to kindergarten every day. Zhejiang Satellite TV has stopped broadcasting 'Pleasant Goat' after the summer vacation. The two cartoons have been broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV's Kaku Channel, and Zhejiang Satellite TV has also broadcast 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf' for a long time. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the relevant persons in charge of these two TV stations on this initiative. The staff of Zhejiang Satellite TV said that after the summer vacation, they will no longer broadcast the 'Pleasant Goat'Blue *** and mung bean shark' instead'. When the staff of Beijing TV’s Kaku Animation Channel received a call from the reporter, they said they did not know the schedule in the station. When the reporter wanted to conduct a further interview, the other party had already 'call forwarded' when they called again. 'Pleasant Goat' and 'Bear Infestation' were ordered to rectify. ■ The proposed content 'News Network' reported that in the context of the development of the entire cartoon industry, individual cartoons have violent failures and uncivilized language, and individual acts of violence have been Minors followed suit and caused personal injury. Therefore, the production agencies and broadcasting agencies put forward the initiative. The proposal proposes to avoid violent, bloody, horrible, vulgar, and pornographic plots and pictures in cartoons, avoid attacks, injuries, self-harm, abuse, crimes and other behaviors that are easy to be imitated by children, and avoid appearing in animation plots. Daily necessities are used for hazardous purposes. Do not use foul language, swear words, and insulting language in cartoons. At the same time, cartoons with bad elements will not be distributed or broadcast.
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