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Pregnancy, baby and child supplies stores are blooming everywhere in Jinjiang

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
Recently, with the opening of the children's and children's products store near the Qingyang City Standard, this local Jinjiang baby and children's store has opened its sixth.   Not only the children's music room, but also the Xiamen-based Qi'er baby products store has accelerated its expansion in Jinjiang, and Huatai and Lanfeng communities have their presence. Children’s music room, Miergang, Aibeiduo, Qier, Baby-friendly room... Recently, many maternal and child products have appeared in the prosperous areas, shopping malls, squares, communities, and even relatively remote towns in Jinjiang City. shop. Why is it that overnight, pregnant, baby and child supplies stores are all over the streets of Jinjiang. Thanks to the change in the concept of childcare. According to the relevant data of the China Demographic Yearbook, 30 million babies are born every year in China, and nearly 80 million babies and children under 3 years old. The number of infants under 3 years old exceeds 10 million. If calculated according to the annual consumption of newborn babies in each medium-sized city between 6,000 and 18,000, then China’s maternity and infant market has a huge consumption space of more than 100 billion yuan. Research conducted by the China Center for Maternity, Infant and Child Research and the Pregnancy, Infant and Child Business Network also shows that in the next 5 to 10 years, 'post-80s' parents who are willing to spend money and pay attention to the quality of life will support a pregnant baby worth about 1 trillion yuan. The children’s market has great market potential. The reporter conducted interviews with many post-80s mothers, 'expectant mothers, And there are more categories and brands to choose from. A “children father” who was shopping in the children’s room told reporters that in addition to the wide variety of choices available, there is a very important reason for choosing to buy things in a maternity, infant and child store. Shopping guide. He said that children are different from adults, they have different needs at different stages, and they are not professionals. When there are many choices, sometimes they don’t know where to start. However, Youlefang has professional shopping guides and compares shopping. Don't worry, it's more appropriate to use.
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