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Shui Haier: Children's clothing marketing varies from person to person

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
Children of different ages have different psychological characteristics and needs. Therefore, if children's clothing brands want to win by surprise and stand out in the fierce competition, the marketing strategy must vary from person to person and take different measures. Let Shui Haier give you a specific analysis below!    One, preschool children between 0 and 5 years old, almost completely rely on parental decision-making. Therefore, children's clothing brands should treat parents as the main target, tell them that your product can make your baby grow up faster and healthier, and make them believe that buying your product is the right choice.   Two, 6 to 9 years old, is a group who likes to be popular, and is also the most heavyweight TV audience. With the increase of age and the continuous improvement of consumption status, their ability to influence their parents' shopping behavior is getting stronger and stronger. If children’s clothing brands want to favor this group, they must understand whether they like 'radish' or 'green vegetablesaccept.   3, 0 to 13 years old, a group who loves to imitate teenagers. At this stage, children’s spending power increases. In many cases, they not only participate in purchasing decisions, but also gradually become the main decision makers in household purchases. Children at this stage deliberately imitate the appearance and behavior of adults. If you have a celebrity you admire, they will buy popular products related to them, making them more eager to share the trend with teenagers. When planning children's clothing ads at this stage, you should design the style, color and packaging of related products based on their preferences based on understanding their psychology, and communicate with them in a way that suits them.   Four, 14-16 years old, this group has become the main decision makers in the family. It shows that it not only has the right to decide on its own consumption, but also has the right to decide on household consumption such as home appliances, computers, and daily necessities. The main reason is that they receive fast information and a wide range of knowledge. Consumption also tends to be rational, likes fashion, and pursues freedom.   To operate a children's clothing brand must have an appropriate marketing strategy. Shui Haier believes that only by meeting the different needs of children of different ages can the brand develop in the long run. Shuihai children's clothing is based on years of market experience, accurately researching the different needs of Chinese children, and striving to make children wear more comfortable, more beautiful, and more fashionable. So far, it has won the recognition and love of consumers.
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