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Six points to pay attention to when choosing baby clothes

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
Parents and teachers should fully consider the physical characteristics of children when purchasing infant clothing. In addition to embodying softness, breathability, and comfort, they should also pay attention to the following common sense when choosing:    pay attention to the relevant signs on infant clothing. When buying infant clothing, first look at whether there is a trademark, Chinese factory name, and factory address on the product. If there are no products or counterfeit products that are most likely to be produced by informal manufacturers, parents and teachers should never buy such products for infants and young children. The second is to see whether there is a component mark, which mainly refers to the component mark of the fabric and lining of the clothing. The percentage of various fiber content should be clear and correct. The clothing with filler should also indicate the composition and content of the filler. The most important thing is to have a product certificate, product implementation standard number, product quality grade, and the label of infant clothing should be marked with the technical requirements of category A products in accordance with the national textile mandatory standard GB18401-2003.  Pay attention to the fabrics of infant clothing. The skin area of u200bu200binfants and young children is relatively large, and the sweat that evaporates from the lenticels is twice that of adults. When choosing clothing for infants and young children, try to choose pure cotton clothing, such as ordinary pure cotton or natural colored cotton products, which are soft to the touch, sweat-absorbent and breathable. You can also choose silk products. It is not suitable to choose chemical fiber products, which are prone to static electricity and poor air permeability, which will breed bacteria and cause dermatitis.  Pay attention to the sewing line of the main part. Carefully observe whether the sewing lines of the main parts of the infant clothing are straight and whether there are many sewing thread joints left in the patchwork. Pull it at the side seam to see if there is slippage at the seam, and pay attention to the slippage of the lining.   Pay attention to the color of infant clothes. When buying underwear and other intimate clothes for infants and young children, you should choose light colors, avoid red, black, dark blue and other clothes that are easy to fade. Choose children's clothes with dyes, plain colors with little paint, and small prints. Try not to buy children's clothes with bright prints. Do not continue to wear clothes for infants and young children after buying faded clothes.   Pay attention to the safety design of infant clothing. Pay attention to the various accessories and decorations on infant clothing, such as whether the buttons are firm, and whether the tightness is appropriate. Pay special attention to the fastness of various buttons or decorative parts, so as to prevent children from easily tearing off the mouth and causing foreign objects in the trachea. Parents and teachers should also pay attention to the pull straps on infant clothing, because the caps and neck pull straps of infant clothing are easy to pinch the child, and the pull straps on the waist or hem of the infant's jacket are easy to be hooked when getting on and off the bus. To tow accidents.   Pay attention to whether there is any odor in infant clothes. When buying baby clothes, stick the clothes to your nose and smell them carefully. If the clothes have a peculiar smell, you should not buy them. Because these clothes may become moldy, or contain high boiling range petroleum, aromatic hydrocarbons and other substances, which can irritate the respiratory system of infants and young children.   For companies that re-brand, emphasize reputation, and demand quality, they will send their products to relevant quality inspection departments for inspection to strictly control quality and safety. However, for profit-making workshop enterprises, they often circulate products that have not passed the national mandatory textile standard GB18401-2003 to the market. Therefore, when choosing clothing for infants and young children, parents and teachers should pay attention to the safety of clothing and try to choose brand-name and high-quality products that meet Class A standards to avoid unqualified children's clothing from causing damage to the health of infants and young children.
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