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Skin care during pregnancy also talks about autumn and winter tonic

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine 'autumn and winter tonicIn particular, pregnant mothers who 'have a lot of love in oneMoreover, considering the particularity of skin care for pregnant women, safe and reliable special products for skin care during pregnancy must be used. Why do skin during pregnancy need autumn and winter tonic more? Experts during pregnancy skin care said that human skin is most suitable for tonic in autumn, because after the skin has undergone the long-term high temperature test in the bitter summer and the damage of ultraviolet rays, the skin is most suitable for tonic 'injury' in autumn. At the same time, the skin is the same as the human body’s physiological metabolism in the four seasons. The cells are in the most easy to absorb nourishment period in autumn. At this time, it is the most effective to nourish the skin. In addition, it can ensure that sufficient nutrients are provided to the skin in autumn. The skin can effectively resist the invasion of cold winter. Because of the changes in hormone levels in the body, the cell metabolism of pregnant women is faster than that of ordinary people. Therefore, the aging speed of the skin during pregnancy is also 10-13 times that of ordinary aging. If the erosion of the dry climate in autumn and winter is added, it is more likely to aggravate skin aging and skin aging. The occurrence of various skin problems. Therefore, it is more necessary to carry out timely skin nourishment and care. If pregnant women skin care in time, they can effectively alleviate the problem of skin aging.   But, how to do skin care during pregnancy, how can pregnant mother's skin be properly nourished in autumn and winter? Many pregnant moms want to protect the health of the baby, but do not want to ignore the deterioration of the skin during pregnancy. Therefore, they are very entangled in skin care during pregnancy. We all know that in order to achieve immediate results, ordinary adult cosmetics generally add alcohol, mineral oil, dyes, hormones and heavy metals that seriously harm the growth and development of fetal babies. Cannot be used during pregnancy. So, how can the safety of pregnant women's skin care be obtained?    Skin care experts during pregnancy pointed out that pregnant women can choose some safe and basic skin care products specially developed for pregnant women. The so-called foundation is: skin care during pregnancy is mainly based on gentle cleansing, nourishing and hydrating, moisturizing whitening and moisturizing, and rejecting functional skin care such as whitening, freckle removal, and sun protection. ***Choose pro-moisturizing soymilk and rice skin care products for pregnant women with 'same makeup and food' special skin care products for pregnant women in a six-step system, namely: after cleansing the skin, moisturizing the skin, nourishing the skin, and nourishing the eyes. Nursing, water-locking, moisturizing, isolation protection and other basic care, help the skin during pregnancy to make autumn and winter tonic, so that pregnant mothers can be safe and at ease, and enjoy the happiness of pregnancy and beauty.
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