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Special discipline requirements in whole brain development classes

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
Parents’ question: Many children are very naughty and noisy in the   Angel’s whole brain development training class. If they are in other classes, the teacher will definitely maintain the classroom order and severely criticize these students. The teacher in the whole brain development class not only does not deliberately ask for it. The children sit quietly and upright, listen carefully, and even watch the children 'joy' with a smile on their faces. I am very worried, will my child's learning effect be affected?    Expert Qu0026A:   The whole brain development course requires the child to be happy, happy, and very relaxed. The unexpected surprise that a child discovers to himself needs to communicate with the children around him. It is in a state of extreme excitement. The child develops self-confidence while communicating with everyone. The more self-confident, the more conducive to the continued extension and improvement of this ability. If you blindly require classroom discipline, it will affect the improvement of your child’s ESP ability. A child who is more excited in the classroom must be the child who gets the development effect***! If the child is very restrained, the right brain will not be easily opened. And wake up is not easy to play a role. Therefore, the classroom discipline of this course is different from that of government schools. Parents, please learn more about this knowledge, you can understand the teacher!
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