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Summer Swimming And Safety

by:Newsoon     2020-07-13
I have very fond memories of taking my daughter swimming in the center of winter, when she was only four months old, and looking back I realise that although she was too young to remember our sessions, I am so glad that I did not listen to the objections raised. Being a first time mum I was understandably nervous and over anxious about child safety and especially child safety in water.
Instead of giving into my fears and cocooning my baby in cotton wool I went within opposite direction. I read all the magazines and books I could have the ability fit into my new schedule, which, considering that my easy-going life had suddenly been turned inverted by the arrival for this precious bundle of hard work, was still enough to learn basic safety tips for kids! I am choosing that my child would experience all the activities available to her which have been in my means to provide, and so began the round of social activities revolving around younger children.
Taking a child swimming in the winter can be a different experience to taking it swimming in thesummer, with the main difference being that in the wintertime it is important that, firstly, the pool be heated, and secondly help to make sure that the baby doesn't get cold after you have out of the fluids. I remember standing around shivering within a wet costume, with a damp towel wrapped around me, while I vigorously dried and quickly dressed my daughter in layers of warm clothing. Not until she was cosily wrapped up in her coat, hat, gloves, and scarf, and snuggled into her pram with a blanket, could I even think of getting changed.
However in the summer there are many other things to consider regarding swim safety. Due to the heat, paddling pools are an alternative to swimming pools and the temptation is to there to just fill the pool or tub and leave the kids to entertain themselves, convinced that they will be safe, BUT you need for you to become aware that a small child can drown in as little as a few inches of water. Don't let children go swimming straight after a meal, but having a completely empty stomach is also not desirable, since cramps may occur as well as the child without enough energy to enjoy itself.
Never leave children unsupervised near a body of water and constantly check the depth and temperature before kids enter it, especially if it's not a new destination for them. Make sure that there is a lifeguard present knowning that children are taught not to run, push or enter deep water unless they are strong swimmers. If using outdoor facilities, ensure that a high factor sun-block is used and re-applied every hour. Small children tend to get chilled in water even in summer time so limit period they spend the actual planet water, even if it is heated. Benefit from ipod summer and maintain your children aware and safe.
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