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Take a rational view of breast milk and formula feeding

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
Milk powder has been very busy this year. First, at the beginning of the year *** caused controversy over mainland residents' restrictions on the purchase of infant formula milk powder. In August 2013, the AQSIQ revealed that 390 kilograms of 'lactoferrin' of New Zealand's second largest dairy company, Western Dairy Company, was found to contain severely excessive nitrate content, and 42 tons of 2 batches of a certain brand of whole milk powder imported from New Zealand After being detected that nitrite exceeded the standard, public opinion was in an uproar. The foreign milk powder rushed by Chinese parents encounters Waterloo. Some people even think that this will create a 'turn over' opportunity for domestic milk powder. However, experts believe that milk sources are highly competitive all over the world. Without New Zealand milk sources, dairy companies are facing a crisis of lack of rice.   Today, dairy products companies continue to compete fiercely in terms of quality, nutrition, safety, and price. It remains to be seen that the milk powder produced by domestic companies regains market confidence. The Chinese people are becoming more and more accustomed to living with milk every day, and their irrational demand for milk powder and other dairy products has become increasingly fierce: because 'breast milk after a few months is not nutritious'The choice of milk powder and the children after the first birthday chasing milk powder (including the 'two-stage and three-stage milk powder') are called 'irrational needs' by experts. Milk powder is mythically needed by this society. In addition, excessive concerns about the safety of dairy products have also caused irrational demand for imported milk powder.   Experts said that domestic dairy products have had many problems, but the possibility of safety problems is not higher than that of other foods on the Chinese market. Breast milk is indeed the best food for babies, and breastfeeding should be pursued when possible. Infant formula milk is 'second, but good enough' and is a baby food that can replace breast milk.   Breastfeeding parents do not have to feel superior, and parents who have to adopt formula milk or mixed feeding because of objective conditions do not have to feel guilty or stressed. After one year of age, milk is only a component of the diet, and the child's nutrition still depends on the regular food in the entire diet.
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