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The European delegation of Beijing Maternity and Baby Products Industry Association ended successfully

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
On September 14, 2013, the '2013 Beijing Maternity and Infant Products Industry Association•European Investigation Group' organized by the Beijing Maternity and Infant Products Industry Association was successfully completed. This is the first time that the association has organized overseas inspection activities since its establishment, organizing colleagues of pregnant, infants and children to go to Europe to visit the 'KIND+JUGEND' (KIND+JUGEND, hereinafter referred to as 'Cologne, Germany').   The members of the delegation included manufacturers, distributors, agents, retailers, and media colleagues in China's maternity and infant industry. Professor of University of International Business and Economics, Doctoral Supervisor Mr. Chu Xiangyin, 'China Trade News' President Mr. Fan Peikang, Beijing Broadcasting Media Youyoubao TV Channel Executive President Mr. Li Xiaonong, Beijing Maternity and Baby Products Industry Association Secretary General Mr. Meng Xianzhong, Beijing Maternal and Infant Ms. Yang Hongling, Deputy Secretary-General of Children's Products Industry Association, Mr. Wan Li, Executive Vice President of Beijing Maternity and Infant Industry Association and Chinese ***expert, Gao Haiyan, Special Assistant to CEO and Director of Marketing Center of Leyou (China) Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd., Beijing III Mr. Wu Songhang, General Manager of Milk Powder Division of Yuan Foods Co., Ltd., Ms. Wang Jie, Senior Reporter of 'China Women's Daily,' Liu Yani, Xinxin Angel Maternity and Infant Store, Mr. Deng Shuai, Manager of Beijing Jingzheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and a group of 11 people went to Europe , Conducted an 8-day inspection activity on the Cologne Fair in Germany and the European pregnancy and infant market Group photo of the European delegation of Beijing Maternity and Baby Products Industry Association in 2013. Luxemburg, known as the 'Kaleidoscope of Children's Products in the World. The exhibition covers the most professional and well-known products including infant clothing, children's home textiles and supplies, strollers, children's furniture, children's toys and other product brands, and the exhibits are detailed and comprehensive. The 2012 Cologne Exhibition in Germany is not only an authoritative and professional display platform for the latest products and technologies in the world, but also a bridge for communication and exchanges between the global maternity and infant industries. During the visit to the Cologne Exhibition in Germany, the delegation compared and analyzed the development status and trends of China and Europe's maternity and infant industries, and discussed issues such as strengthening communication and exchanges between international industries, strengthening international collaboration, and the internationalization of domestic maternity and infant industries. They expressed their views and exchanged opinions. The delegation of the Association visited the 'Medela' booth at the K+J exhibition in Cologne, Germany. During the period when Mr. Chu Xiangyin learned about the maternal and child products on display, the delegation also visited a number of key European cities: Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt Experience the local customs and enjoy the beautiful scenery everywhere. I also visited local maternity and infant stores and specialty stores, learned about the business model and display methods of the local maternity and infant stores, went deep into the market, and personally experienced the characteristics of the local maternity and infant industry. The Cologne Cathedral    investigation group in Cologne, Germany not only strengthened the exchanges and cooperation of the industry, but also deepened the friendship between each other. The members of the investigation group expressed that the inspection has been very fruitful. In the future, the Beijing Maternity and Infant Products Industry Association will continue to play its role as a bridge, strengthen contacts and cooperation with international industries, expand the association’s overseas promotion, and gradually establish strategic partnerships with international industries to promote China’s maternity and infant industry. Rapid development.
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