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The five “bottom lines” of children’s education cannot be touched

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
Just as adults have their own bottom line, children also have their own bottom line. If their parents challenge their bottom line, they will have a rebellious mentality and deliberately confront the adults. So, what are the “things” of children that parents can’t touch?   Bottom Line 1 Private “things”   Parents should not publicly expose their children’s privacy, and they can’t say that the baby wets the bed in public, nor can they shake out the private words that the baby said to you. , The child may say that he does not like someone, or he may say that he will marry someone when he grows up. Parents should not think that their children are young, and it doesn't hurt to tell others. Exposing your child's privacy in public will hurt his self-esteem and make him feel insecure, and he will no longer trust you. The harmonious parent-child relationship is distorted, which is not conducive to future tutoring. Bottom line 2 The fooled 'thing'    children will be deceived by adults or older children as they grow up. For example, older children wrap laundry powder in colored paper to trick children into saying 'deliciousThe older children laughed loudly, but the little ones were deceived. If a parent raises this matter in front of a child, it will not only make the child feel embarrassed and regret it, but also make him feel complicated and afraid to interact with others. Parents can’t laugh at their children when they are fooled, otherwise the children will hate the person who lied to him and be dissatisfied with the parents. Bottom line 3 The 'thing' that was beaten and scolded    The child made a mistake in the past, and the parent beat and scolded him, but now he mentions it in front of others, and even vividly describes the situation of beating and scolding, invisibly causing 'secondary harm to the child' '. Being beaten and scolded is an unbearable 'history of humiliation' for children. Mentioning the past will hurt the child’s self-esteem and increase the child’s resentment towards the parent. The child may deliberately confront the parent. Bottom line 4 'Things' that cause embarrassment     In the process of growing up, children must have a lot of embarrassment things, such as clothes that can’t distinguish between the front and the back, the speech is slurred, and the “gray” and “flying” are always indistinguishable. Go on stage to sing and forget the words, etc. Parents should not talk about making a fool of themselves, otherwise, it will make the child feel embarrassed, and it will also undermine the child's self-confidence. Don't take the child's embarrassment as a joke. When the parent laughs, the child may be brooding. Bottom line 5 Things that do not work well are common trivial things. Generally children can do well but their own children do not do well. For example, they can’t walk when they are 2 years old, can’t drive strollers when they are 3 years old, can’t build blocks when they are 5 years old, and don’t when they are 6 years old. Will eat fish, etc. The child’s failure to do these things may be due to the fact that the development of their children is half a beat slower than that of their peers. This is normal. If it is overly exaggerated, it will cause children to develop an inferiority complex, negatively suggest themselves and label themselves as 'low-energy children  Search WeChat (kidswow) or scan the QR code below, add the kidswow official WeChat to get the latest information in time!
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