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The importance of yoga clothes and yoga mats

by:Newsoon     2021-06-03

Do you want to buy yoga suits and yoga mats to practice yoga? Of course, in general, yoga clothes have become more fashionable and individual. Wearing yoga clothes suits is not only for practicing yoga. In fact, you only need to wear loose underwear to stretch your body when doing yoga. Use soft cushions, blankets, and cloth. It's okay, as long as you sit down and feel warm. But because of the characteristics of yoga clothes and yoga mats, yoga practitioners directly purchase-related yoga supplies.

There are no special requirements for yoga clothes. You only need to wear them warmly and do the movements well. You don’t need to choose yoga clothes deliberately.

Before purchasing a yoga mat, you must also think about the following five questions:

1. When the yoga mat is laid flat on the ground, can it be easily laid flat?

2. Will it slip easily after sweating?

3. Can it be easily carried

4. Can its material be environmentally friendly and how much impact will it have on the environment after being eliminated?

Fitness coaches suggest that when purchasing, the following tips can help you buy the right yoga mat:

1. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the yoga mat to try the pressure resistance. A yoga mat with good elasticity has a more protective effect on the human body.

2. Bring an eraser with you before buying, use it to wipe the yoga mat, and try whether the material can be easily united

3. Push the surface of the meat lightly with the palm of your hand to have a dry feeling. Assuming that too much foaming agent on the surface of the mat will make you feel slippery, then it is easy to slip and fall when you wear a yoga suit and do exercises on it. hurt.

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