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The interview at Xiaoshengchu mainly examines the five abilities of the child

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
'Small promotion' is a general concern of the parents of elementary school students, and 'choosing a school' is always a hot topic. In recent years, many key schools have paid more and more attention to the assessment of students' oral English, observation and creativity abilities when enrolling students. Based on the examination questions of the primary school in recent years, I summarized several aspects that need to be paid attention to in the interview.   First, examine English expression ability. It mainly examines the children’s oral English expression and language organization ability. This part usually allows students to answer in Chinese, but a fluent English and standard pronunciation can add a lot to the children and leave a deep impression on people. Makes people's eyes bright. This also poses a challenge to children who can only memorize vocabulary. Only by applying what they have learned can they succeed in this first step.   Second, examine memory.   This kind of question examines the student's ability to remember momentarily. Usually there are several main reasons for the child's failure in this step. First of all, the students are too nervous, making their minds unable to concentrate and unable to complete the memory task; secondly, many children lose the opportunity because they are not confident and dare not rush to answer. Therefore, self-confidence is the first basic quality that should be possessed in the interview. In recent years, many schools have conducted interviews in the admissions examinations in recent years. In addition to the corresponding basic knowledge, the interviews examine students' resilience and on-the-spot psychological quality.   The third is to examine the students' observation ability and divergent thinking.  Because there is no prior preparation and training in this session, many students did not observe carefully. It is obviously a very simple question, but there is no way to answer it. Of course, some students were too nervous to answer. It is a pity to lose points in this situation.   The fourth is to examine communication and emotional intelligence capabilities.   Nowadays, children are all only children. They are spoiled and loved by their parents at home. They usually rarely share and cooperate with others. Naturally, they are also in the minority when they encounter difficulties. In these two links, through team communication and cooperation, the children's communication and emotional intelligence are examined. There is no standard answer to the question, but it can more truly reflect the child's inner thoughts. It also reminds most parents that in the future training process, not only should pay attention to knowledge and scores, but also the influence on children's communication and values.   Fifth, it mainly examines creative thinking, speech ability and learning ability. Through children’s choice of activities, examine their creativity and challenge; through children’s public answers to selected activities, examine their speech and presentation ability; through listening to all children’s insights on the problems, and finally select a team leader to examine children’s learning abilities, Can you discover the strengths and advantages of others, and conduct self-reflection and learning.   The final investigation is basically basic knowledge. Most of the questions are combined with Mathematical English. There are oral and written answers, but overall the difficulty will not be particularly large, so as long as the children calmly answer them, they should basically be no problem. Therefore, from the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that in recent years, the focus of interviews in various middle schools has not been all on basic knowledge. Most of the focus has been on the ability of students to perform on the spot, English ability, observation ability, and memory. Ability, divergent thinking, and psychological quality, and other learning abilities, because these qualities all reflect the learning ability, potential strength and thinking habits of children after entering junior high school. The selection of good sources of students in key middle schools will naturally give priority to students who are excellent in all aspects.
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