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The maternal and child market looks to salted fish and sets off a trend of idleness

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
Moms and dads who have babies at home will find a problem. There are more and more clothes for babies, but most of them don’t wear them a few times. The bodies of babies and toddlers grow very fast, but the cute clothes that parents buy for them will not decrease. . Therefore, because the use time is relatively short, mothers and babies have greater idle demand than other categories.     With the emergence of 'xianyu   On August 1,, an e-commerce platform for mothers and babies, announced that it would launch an 'idle' business and become a mother and child platform that provides second-hand trading services.   Similar to Xianyu, this idle community adopts a C2C model, where users can publish various products to seek transfer information, and they can also search for nearby items to purchase resale items. However, because's users are mainly young mothers, the idle goods on the platform are mainly baby strollers, baby clothes, toys and other maternal and child products.   From maternal and child e-commerce to parenting and social networking, to living in the same city and early education and health,'s business areas are becoming wider and wider around the demand for mothers. Its founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun said: 'Beibei will no longer be a pure e-commerce company, but will build a matrix ecology of the mother and baby community. Idle business will serve as a downstream supplement to the e-commerce business and become the ecology of Beibei. An important part of '   because of the relatively short duration of use, mothers and babies do have a greater idle demand than other categories. In fact, the 'second-hand fever' triggered by Xianyu is moving toward market segments, and the second-hand market for maternal and child products is also very impressive.   According to the 'China's Maternal, Child and Child Market Research Report' released by Roland Berger, the scale of the maternal and child industry in 2015 was 1.8 trillion, with an annual growth rate of 15%. Among them, clothing, cribs/cars, seats, toys and other categories have huge demand for second-hand transactions, and the retail market available for second-hand transactions is about 230 billion yuan.  Xianyu’s data also showed that second-hand toys accounted for nearly 9% of the 170 million items accumulated in second-hand transactions. The 58 Zhuanzhuan, which was originally the main 3C transaction, is developing into the whole category. Maternal and Child has also become the third largest category after mobile phones and clothing, with transactions accounting for 7.4%.   Since last year, brands focusing on the subdivision of maternal and child second-hand transactions have begun to appear. Huafener, an idle trading platform for mothers and babies, has invited more than ten celebrities, including Sun Li and Huang Yi, to use the power of celebrities to create a cool way of life for buying and selling idle second-hand maternal and child products. 'Baodong' adopts the C2B2C consignment method, and wants to solve the trust problem in second-hand transactions through platform evaluation, pricing, cleaning, and unified photography.   Although there is a large idle demand, the contradictions between consumer concepts and hygiene issues in maternal and child products are also more prominent. This is the space for brands in this segment, and it is also a challenge.   But the editor believes that with the development of environmental awareness and the improvement of life concepts, the second-hand market of maternal and child categories will have more room for development, and the various trust issues that lie within it will also be resolved.
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