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The second batch of infant formula milk powder formula registration list announced

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
On August 8, 2017, the State Food and Drug Administration released a new batch of infant formula milk powder product formula registration catalog information. The information released by the State Administration showed that Beijing Sanyuan 'Ailiyou' and Guangzhou Meisuli Nutrition Co., Ltd. The company's 'Baosuli' and Nestlé 'Liduojing-Zhibao' total 3 series of products and 9 formulas have been registered. This is the second list of registered milk powder formulas announced by the State Food and Drug Administration since the implementation of the 'Administrative Measures for the Registration of Infant Formula Milk Powder Product Formula'. On the evening of the 3rd of this month, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration released the list of *** registered companies with milk powder formula. The application for registration of 89 infant formula milk powder product formulas from 22 companies, including Feihe, Mengniu, and Beinmei, was passed. With the announcement of the second batch of lists, the number of approved companies has reached 24, with a total of 98 milk powder formulas. When the General Administration released the *** registration list, it said that it hopes that all companies can be proud of letting employees' children grow up on their own milk powder. Some analysts indicated that the quality of domestic infant formula milk powder has improved significantly in recent years, and the public's confidence in domestic milk powder has gradually increased. After the implementation of the new policy, the domestic milk powder brands that have been approved for registration will welcome the benefits.
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