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The simplest approach baby clothes

by:Newsoon     2021-01-28

there are a lot of women during pregnancy to choose at home, not go to work at home is boring, but not always watch TV play phone, just made a small dress to darling, a wool small gloves, hats, etc. But never did before clothes, did not experience these handcrafted, feeling do not know how to start, how to do a most simple small baby clothes? Then let small make up together to learn:

baby clothes the most simple

1, the first baby clothes cut size, assemblies and sleeve size to measure accurately.

2, first sewed up your sleeve, sleeve to fold within 1. 5 cm, fold 1 again. 5 cm hemming. To be folded in half sleeves suture after sewed up.

3, 4 in the waist seam tape, can be made of material flannelette, also can use the twill tape instead. With more convenient twill tape of 1 cm wide, about 20 cm length is ok.

4, with beads needle fixed sleeve and baby clothes, and then suture, if has the need to alter or sewing.

5, good sleeves baby clothes, in order to beautiful to make 110 cm package edge article. Using article serging baby clothing for use.

6, the baby clothes bottom edge folding inward 1. 5 cm, fold 1 again. 5 cm after the hem. Baby clothes producing method is completed.

how to give the newborn baby clothes

1, buy fewer

since before the age of three babies grow particularly fast, so don't prepare 0 to 3 years old baby too many clothes, buy more is a waste. Also good greeting in advance, with family and friends to send clothes and then send kids 3 years old.

2, buy seasonal clothes

just calculate the birth of time is a few months, 6 months, what season is this corresponds to the season for baby clothes, lest the baby 6 months is summer, you to prepare a bunch of small cotton-padded jacket, also wear, white waste.

3, texture

the baby tender skin, so they must choose pure cotton texture of clothing, especially tight clothes.

4, color,

the newborn's vision is still in development stage, so their clothes don't choose too bright bright color, soft to choose the colour of simple but elegant.

5, style

just born baby: inclined skirt or no collar jumpsuits; Three to four months baby: choose neckline loose clothes; Four months after the baby clothes: can choose split type clothes, baby convenient activities. Pants don't be too tight to avoid interfere with breathing.

6, decorative

baby clothes do not have metal, zippers, buttons, etc may hurt baby accessories; Tape also try not to have, so that the baby.

but themselves can do a little baby clothes, the family will certainly buy clothes for the baby, gave birth to the child to take care of her children and had little time to do clothes, when to buy baby clothes must choose pure cotton clothes, baby clothing had better be simple pattern color not very bright, wear comfortable and clean. Such as the baby a little bit bigger can buy pretty little baby clothes to wear.
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