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Three steps for you to choose the sacred dried octopus for pregnant women

by:Newsoon     2021-08-02
As we all know, breastfeeding has many benefits, and adequate milk is what mothers dream of. However, many mothers have insufficient milk secretion due to various reasons. In order to provide sufficient milk for their babies, mothers will look for various methods to promote lactation.   Food substitution therapy is the most highly recommended method of lactation in traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, a large number of lactation soups have been derived, such as stewed old hen, pig's trotters and herbs soup, yellow flower stewed lean meat, loofah and silver carp soup and so on. In coastal areas, the most commonly used prolactin ingredient is dried octopus, which can not only complement the body, but also promote lactation. Octopus stewed pig's trotters is a must-drink soup for pregnant women. The prolactin effect is remarkable.   The development of modern logistics and warehousing has made people less and less restricted by geographical areas when buying goods, and the unique seafood in coastal areas has slowly infiltrated the lives of inland people. Drinking octopus soup to promote lactation is no longer exclusive to coastal women. More and more inland women are also trying to consume this prolactin.   However, the quality of dried octopus on the market is uneven. If you are not careful, you will be fooled by those unscrupulous merchants and buy low-quality products at high prices. So how should we choose dried octopus? We can start from the following three aspects:    1. A qualified dried octopus has a complete body, firm and plump body, strong claws, bright persimmon red, brownish red, and dark purple-red color. The quality is poor. If you see a thin layer of powder on the surface of dried octopus, it is not mold, but the natural substance released by dried octopus, so you can buy it with confidence.  2, Varieties   There are many varieties of octopus. The dried octopus on the market is generally dried from real octopus, long octopus, and short octopus. The quality of dried octopus made from real octopus is***. You can distinguish the three from the length of the wrist. The head and carcass of a mature octopus is about 7 to 9.5 cm, the wrist length of the short octopus is about 12 cm, the wrist length of the long octopus is about 48.5 cm, and the wrist length of the true octopus is about 32.5 cm. In addition, you can also see its place of production. The main distribution area of u200bu200boctopus is the southeast coast, with Zhoushan in Zhejiang, Pingtan in Fujian, Shanwei in Guangdong, and Beihai in Guangxi.  3. Processing method  In order to shorten the processing time, fishermen in some areas use edible alum and salt to quickly dehydrate the octopus, and some fishermen even use machines to directly dry them. At present, only a few areas still retain the traditional processing methods. Shanwei, Guangdong is one of them; Shanwei fishermen clean the fresh octopus, pass it through salt water, and then let it dry naturally or air-dried. From catching live octopus in the sea to making dried octopus, the whole process does not add any additives or preservatives. It is truly natural and dried. The dried octopus needs to be stored in the refrigerator.  Finally, I will briefly introduce how to eat octopus. The mouth and eyes of fresh octopus are full of sand, but the fishermen have cleaned the octopus before drying, so just simply soak the hair before eating. Stir-fry, stew, stew or make soup, it depends on your personal preference. Common methods include octopus stew, octopus lotus root soup, octopus trotter soup and so on. To learn more about the method of dried octopus, you can search: N+1 ways to eat octopus (octopus)
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