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Thumb is about to appear at the 6th Xiamen International Animation Festival and Straits Cultural Fair

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
Introducing animation boutiques and discussing industry trends. Xiamen International Animation Festival has entered its sixth year this year. The 6th Xiamen International Animation Festival will be held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 25th to 28th. The 6th Strait Cultural Fair will also be held at the same time.   offers an excellent animation product, and discusses the situation of the industry. Xiamen International Animation Festival has entered its sixth year this year. The 6th Xiamen International Animation Festival will be held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 25th to 28th. The 6th Strait Cultural Fair will also be held at the same time.   Xiamen International Animation Festival is positioned to create the most authoritative animation competition in China. The content includes the 'Golden Dolphin' animation works grand prix, animation industry fair, high-end animation forum and a series of supporting interactive entertainment activities. The 'Golden Dolphin' Animation Works Grand Prix will provide a broad display platform for the majority of animation fans. The annual 'Golden Dolphin Award' awards show has a total of nearly 3 million yuan in prize money, which provides great support for encouraging the innovation and development of animation.  As a representative company of Haixi Animation, Thumbing has carefully prepared for the sessions at the doorstep. Not only did he actively participate in the Golden Dolphin Awards, but also plan the exhibition and promotion. There will be many highlights. In the Thumb Booth of R182-185 and R197-200 of Xiamen International Animation Festival, the audience will be able to enjoy the anime celebrity meeting meticulously planned by Thumb, the 2013 autumn and winter new product appreciation show, Xiao Rui and the big devil sitcom performance, and participate in the scene. Weibo interactive wins prizes, large-scale virtual reality augmented interactive activities, and interactive games such as handheld mazes, happy hand-painting, and the big monster who loves fishing, filling the body and mind with animation and fashion happiness.   In addition to the comprehensive display of Thumbel’s new animation works and derivative industries, another highlight is the customization of high-end animation projects and the promotion of new media projects. Since the beginning of this year, Thumb has re-planned the two major sectors of high-end service outsourcing and new media. High-end animation project customization is an all-in-one 'anime marketing' overall solution that Thumb strives to tailor for the enterprise from animation image design, creative planning, original production, program distribution and promotion, derivative product development and operation, and channel construction, which is different from the traditional simple Service outsourcing that uses production to attract business.  In the field of new media, the Thumbelse Animation Industry Organization has recently established a new media division to fully deploy the field of new media animation. It is understood that on the eve of National Day, Thumb Animation’s new media colorful comics with a strong National Day style were recommended by the homepage of China Mobile’s mobile animation base, and were enthusiastically sought after by the majority of netizens. In just a few days, the number of clicks and downloads reached tens of thousands. *** in the on-demand leaderboard. This time, Thumb has become a new media division and has fully entered the new media field. This is another new measure of Thumb after the development of the traditional animation field to a certain stage. It will rely on the company's exclusive production advantages and huge content resources to fully develop Digital derivative products such as animation comics, colorful comics, Fetion animation show, fashion show, show move teaser, themes, desktop shows, APP, mobile games, etc., suitable for the promotion of new media platforms, through multi-level, three-dimensional, and exclusive lines Online and offline promotion channels, full force, hoping to make a difference in the field of new media.   At this animation festival, Thumb’s brand licensing results will also be highlighted. Thumbing and Shigematsu Group Fujian Cailan Caps Co., Ltd. will hold a grand signing ceremony at the animation festival. The small Rui and the big devil series children's hats jointly developed by the two parties will be unveiled at the animation festival. Recently, Fujian Cailan Hat, which is a powerful animation country in Japan, did not adopt its own animation image. Instead, it officially signed a brand authorization strategic cooperation agreement with Xiamen Thumb Animation Co., Ltd., the most powerful and well-known animation industry organization in the country. The authorized use of the 'Xiao Rui and the Big Devil' series of cartoon images under Thumb in the hat field caused quite a stir in the industry. In fact, since the official launch of the brand licensing business for more than a year, Thumb has successfully reached brand licensing cooperation with more than 20 partners including Motie Books, Haosheng Culture, Dany Toys, Enyang, Wanan, and Shunquan. . In terms of content, the animation works 'Xiao Rui and the Big Devil, Xiamen Innovation Award shortlisted works and *** science animation shortlisted works participate in the animation festival's supporting activities 'Animation Screening Week' Thumb’s latest work 'Little Rui and the Big DevilMajor film and television organizations, TV stations, new media and other buyers negotiated cooperation with Thumb. It’s also worth mentioning that Thumb will condense the fashion appreciation meeting to the Xiamen International Animation Festival. On October 26th, it will hold a performance show composed of professional young models to show the fusion of animation and fashion. The audience will be able to Appreciate Thumbing's new fashion products for fall/winter 2013, and this move will be unique in the animation exhibition. Since 2011, Thumb has successfully built Thumbnail Animation Fashion Experience Hall, embarking on the road of combining 'anime and industry'. Nowadays, there are more than 300 experience halls across the country, attracting the attention of the industry. This appreciation meeting is not only a fashion show, but also an exhibition of achievements.
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