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Two-child policy stimulates expansion of baby products manufacturers

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
In the past week, Liu Fangfei, who runs children's clothing on Fuzi Street in Chengdu, was busy looking for a store. 'It's not a move, it's to open branches, at least two. Many people meet the conditions for a second child, and the market demand will not rise.'      Zhang Li, the person in charge of a confinement club in Chengdu, has just returned from the recruitment of Xi'an and will be held immediately. The theme of the decision-making meeting is 'How to train and retain senior nursing talents.'   The specific rules for 'two children alone' have not yet been issued, but the baby products industry has attracted more and more attention from companies. The expansion of the baby products industry is nailed down in August of this year. According to data released by the China Baby Products Industry Research Center, China has become the second largest consumer of baby products after the United States. The total market size in 2011 was about 1.15 trillion yuan. , It will reach a scale of 2 trillion yuan in 2015. The Sichuan market is estimated to be more than 120 billion yuan. Wang Zhongming, chief engineer of    Kongstek Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., said that favorable policies have made the expansion of the baby products industry almost certain. Infant milk powder alone will have an expansion of about 20%. New Hope Dairy also recently confirmed its return to the infant milk powder industry. Stimulated by the good news, the A-share toy sector experienced a collective rise last week. From November 15th to November 20th, its leading stock Qunxing Toys pulled 4 daily limits, and Huawei shares on November 18th and November 19th. Daily daily limit twice. Related to the dairy sector, the share prices of Beinmate, Yili, and Bright Dairy rose slightly.   The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission said that at present, relevant personnel are being organized to count the number of couples in the province that meet the 'two separate children' policy. 'The specific data will not be available until a period of time.' Whether a couple who meets the conditions of 'two children alone' will have a second child, 'it's still hard to sayThe 'baby boom' is coming, and it will take at least two years. I hope investors can invest rationally.'
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