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Two-child policy Three major layouts in Semir's baby and child market

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
Subdivided to the level of domestic listed companies. At present, most of the listed companies in leisure wear and sportswear have opened children's wear business lines, but most of them supplement the original business. The overall market is not large, and it is difficult to have a significant impact on the company's performance in the short term . In addition to Semir clothing.   Due to the early layout, full decentralization, formation of excellent professional management team and other factors, Semir apparel Barabara brand has become the largest children's wear brand and leads the market. According to relevant data, in the first three quarters of 2013, Semir apparel Barabara brand revenue increased by 20% year-on-year, accounting for 33% of Semir apparel revenue, and the terminal retail scale reached 5 billion yuan. Compared with the 6.85% year-on-year increase of the company's overall revenue in the first three quarters, the company's children's clothing business performed strongly.   A business person in charge of Semir's apparel and children's clothing business told the Great Wisdom News Agency on Monday that the company had long expected the deregulation of the second-child policy. Prior to this, it had already made three arrangements. In the future, the company will not make further adjustments to the company's policies because of the introduction of specific national second-child policies. The three major policy adjustments of Semir Apparel's children's clothing business are: 1. Children's clothing business investment and strategic position improvement; 2. Product line adjustments, expansion of the 0-3 year old infant and child market (MINI Bara) product line; 3. Distributor channel adjustment , Increase the retail area of u200bu200b0-3 year old infant and child clothing.   The person stated that Semir Apparel has placed the children's clothing business at a more important strategic level of the company, and the future investment in the children's clothing business will continue to increase. It did not provide a specific quantitative increase in input resources, but said it would increase investment in product line development, retail strategy, and online business.  On the product line, Semir apparel will strive to develop the 0-3 year old baby market, devote more resources to design more products in this field, and expand the resources and strength of the product line.   At the channel level, Semir apparel has asked distributors to give a larger business area to sell 0-3 year old baby and child products.   In the first three quarters of 2013, Semir apparel has more than 7,800 terminal channels, including more than 3,000 Balabala, and the number of stores is the largest in the industry. However, due to the small business area of u200bu200bthe Balabala store, which is less than 100 square meters on average, its single store turnover, expansion of product lines, and offline store experience are affected.   At present, Barabara has begun to pursue large-scale stores, and its operating area has increased by 20% from the beginning of the year, which is higher than the 3% increase of casual wear brand Semir. The continued advancement of this trend will be conducive to the expansion of the company's 0-3 year old baby market, thereby fully sharing the 'demographic dividend.'   In the future, Semir apparel and children's clothing business channels are planned for the development of shopping mall channels in the first and second tier markets, and the opening of large mushroom stores in the third and fourth tier markets. Under this plan, Lee Semir has a full business line for children's clothing, the introduction of 0-3 year old baby and children market, the deepening of mid-to-high-end brand image and overall sales.   This is another important investment area for Semir apparel and children's clothing business, and it will also play a key role in promoting the integration of online and offline businesses.   Semir clothing related business person said that in the future, the company will also focus on the development of children's clothing online business to adapt to the changes in the shopping methods of post-80s and post-90s mothers. Offline will strengthen the experience function.  The improvement of the offline experience requires the expansion of the operating area. The shopping mall channel has a large overall volume and covers many business formats, which has a certain role in promoting the development of experiential consumption in the children's clothing business. The trend towards large stores will not only bring about pure product sales, but will also bring more interactive content. The offline experience function of Leesomer Apparel has been improved, attracting the flow of people to offline channels.   As for the development direction of online business, the person said that the company's online children's clothing business development direction is product differentiation, and there are differences between online and offline products.
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